eVTOLs and the future of mobility

This Automotive World report explores eVTOL design, use cases, and the market’s potential routes to commercialisation

Special report: eVTOLs and the future of mobility

By 2030, the advanced air mobility market is expected to make substantial progress in providing viable eVTOL-based transport solutions. Examples of technology that could enter the mass market are being exhibited by manufacturers and pitched for upcoming racing series, with countries like Singapore taking an early lead in shaping the sector. However, with many financial and regulatory questions still unanswered, the route to commercialisation—private ownership, shared mobility, or non-passenger applications—remains unclear.

In this report:

Special report: eVTOLs and the future of mobility’ presents insight from:

  • Air
  • Airspeeder
  • Alauda Aeronautics
  • Aska
  • Frank Stephenson Design
  • Roland Berger
  • University of Warwick

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