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Solaris: The first Urbino mild hybrids arrive in Germany

In the past few weeks, the first Solaris Urbino mild hybrid buses arrived in Germany

In the past few weeks, the first Solaris Urbino mild hybrid buses arrived in Germany. The recipient of these state-of-the-art and eco-friendly vehicles is Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH, a public transport operator in the city of Hanau. Pursuant to a contract concluded last year, a total of 16 mild hybrids (diesel-electric buses) will be delivered to Hanau.

On Tuesday, 8 February 2022, urban transport operator Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH received its first two mild hybrid versions of the Solaris Urbino bus. In line with the contract concluded in April 2021, a total of 16 vehicles with a mild hybrid drive, including nine 12-metre and seven 18-metre buses, will be delivered to Hanau. The deliveries will be completed in 2023.

The buses employ mild hybrid technology. Vehicles of this type are an attractive proposition in the low-emission class of buses. A 220 kWh internal combustion engine is supported by an “electric machine” (48 V) working as a power generator. It takes the strain off the combustion engine, which results in fuel savings and lower exhaust emissions. The mild hybrid solution marks a natural evolution in energy recovery technology. It is used especially during two driving activities: acceleration and braking. In particular it is during regenerative braking that energy is recovered and stored in an energy storage device. This is then used when the engine is under greater strain, i. e. during acceleration. At that moment, the machine acts as an electric motor. As a result, mild hybrids release less pollutants and are more environmentally friendly.

The Urbino 12 mild hybrid buses destined for Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH are low-emission and very comfortably equipped vehicles featuring cutting-edge solutions that facilitate their use. Maximum safety is provided by, among other things, the MobilEye Shield+ system. It allows the blind spot to be eliminated and alerts the driver to any pedestrians and cyclists that, all of a sudden, come close to the vehicle. Three cameras, i. e. one forward-facing camera and two cameras placed on the sides of the vehicles, alert the driver every time an unexpected object is detected in the vicinity of the bus. Operator Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH has also opted for an enclosed driver’s cabin to ensure complete working comfort for the driver and to minimise air circulation between the cabin and the passenger compartment. What is more, during operation passengers will benefit from modern LED lighting, built-in USB charging ports, and air conditioning.

Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH is a regular client of Solaris. Over the last nine years, the operator in Hanau has received 42 Urbino family buses from the bus maker. The Urbino 12 mild hybrids handed over this week are the first vehicles of this type not just in Hanau, but in all of Germany. This low-emission model launched in 2020 has also found customers in Spain and Poland.

SOURCE: Solaris

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