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MHP expands portfolio by joining NVIDIA Partner Network

MHP becomes part of the exclusive NVIDIA partner network

The management and IT consultancy MHP has announced it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network, as part of the Solution Advisor Consultant Program. This will now enable the company to expand its technology portfolio to include implementing customer solutions based on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, high-performance computing approaches and solutions for autonomous driving, deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital avatars, as well as providing the necessary consulting service on these topics.

Through MHP’s additions to its technology stack, customers can draw on the expertise available in key drivers of growth and profitability, such as AI and industrial metaverse applications (use of virtual and augmented reality in industrial production and maintenance) or infotainment and mobility services.

MHP deploys NVIDIA technologies extensively for a wide range of solutions in various areas for customers in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. This includes car configurators and infotainment applications, solutions for autonomous driving, generative AI applications or cutting-edge multilingual chatbots and lip-synchronous digital avatars. Customers are of course also provided with advice on the use of these technologies.

Integrated planning, simulation and visualization for production & product development

MHP provides a holistic approach to consulting that enables its customers to quickly and comprehensively derive business value from the innovation that is the industrial metaverse. MHP develops strategies for integration into processes and architecture and supports implementation in all facets, while placing its main focus on platform implementation. This helps customers accelerate discrete manufacturing by creating physically accurate end-to-end digital twins and digital shadows for production processes and assets.

To achieve fast results, even with highly heterogeneous authoring systems, MHP leverages NVIDIA Omniverse – a computing platform for developing tools, applications, and services to support virtual product development and simulation. For example, by using Omniverse, developers can deliver new functionalities in virtual commissioning. Omniverse enables diverse domain experts and data formats to work together in real time. For virtual commissioning, it allows users to test and optimize production processes without interrupting existing ones. As a result, customers are rewarded with remarkable data continuity from planning to production, due to customizable 3D workflows that reduce costs caused by long down times, reclamation and recycling best practices.

Michael Baling, Associated Partner Industry Solutions at MHP, reports: “The NVIDIA Omniverse platform and the OpenUSD standard are enabling us to push the doors to the industrial metaverse wide open and take a huge step towards integrated planning, simulation and visualization for production and product development. These technologies, in combination with MHP’s deep domain expertise in automotive and manufacturing and comprehensive technological capabilities, give companies a wide range of options for significantly improving their product planning, production process design and marketing.”


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