Who are the mobility start-ups and unicorns to watch in 2020?

Automotive World’s latest report explores the fast-moving world of mobility start-ups and selects those to keep an eye on as we enter a new decade

Special report: Who are the mobility start-ups and unicorns to watch in 2020?

The 2019 edition of Automotive World’s mobility start-ups and unicorns report highlights fast-moving companies to look out for in 2020 in the areas of in CASE mobility and trucking.

Start-ups, including unicorns (start-ups worth US$1bn or more) are beginning to reshape the future of mobility, working alongside established automakers, suppliers, and tech companies. According to McKinsey, since 2010, investors have bet more than US$220bn in over 1,100 mobility start-ups, with over US$56bn invested in e-hailing alone during that period.

What does it take to be a unicorn? And what does unicorn status mean for a start-up? A billion-dollar valuation still indicates a significant level of confidence from the investor community, but that billion-dollar valuation only counts if the start-up company makes a difference.

Automotive World’s round-up of leading mobility start-ups and unicorns highlights some of the key companies in autonomous driving, user experience and HMI, shared mobility, electrification, last-mile delivery and trucking.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • I get around: start-ups gain traction in mobility
  • Made in China: the electric vehicle unicorns to watch in 2020
  • Autonomous drive reality check creates new decade of opportunities for start-ups
  • Look out for these mobility service unicorns in 2020
  • How will user experience and HMI be affected by start-ups in 2020?
  • Autonomy and data will underpin trucking unicorn strategies in 2020
  • This unicorn is pulling local delivery into the next decade

 ‘Special report: Who are the mobility start-ups and unicorns to watch in 2020?’ opens with an article commissioned exclusively for Automotive World by McKinsey, and includes exclusive insight from a range of mobility start-ups and industry watchers, including:

  • Accenture
  • Affectiva
  • Aiways
  • AutoX
  • Blickfeld
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Canoo
  • Carmera
  • Convoy
  • Einride
  • Flexport
  • German Autolabs
  • TuSimple
  • Wunder Mobility
  • Xpeng Motors