How will multimodal mobility disrupt transportation?

This Automotive World report considers the impact of multimodal transportation on the future of mobility

Special report: How will multimodal mobility disrupt transportation?

Multimodal mobility has the potential to revolutionise transportation. That’s according to FTI Consulting, and supported by a significant and growing number of mobility innovations, especially in cities, which can help to reduce travel cost and time.

Automakers in particular must plan their multimodal strategies carefully—there are significant challenges ahead, as well as significant opportunities. Automakers could profit by building vehicles for multimodal use, but potentially far greater value lies in playing both the role of product developer and MaaS aggregator.

Ultimately, a successful multimodal mobility offering will be delivered via a single platform that includes public and private modes of transportation, route planning, ticketing and payment. The challenge is to bring all of these elements together and deliver a user experience that rivals private transportation on every metric.

In this report:

‘Special report: How will multimodal mobility disrupt transportation? opens with an exclusive article for Automotive World by Christoph Domke and Quentin Potts of FTI Consulting, and presents insight from:

  • MaaS Alliance
  • MaaS Global
  • Mobileye
  • Moovit
  • Oliver Wyman
  • Remix
  • SEAT
  • Trafi