Special report: Developments in vehicle tyres

Automotive World’s tyre report addresses the latest developments in the only point of contact between vehicle and road

Special report: Developments in vehicle tyres

Despite major advances in automotive technology, one thing has remained largely unchanged: four rubber tyres that connect a vehicle to the road.

Tyre technology has seen major advances, however – advances which directly impact driving performance, fuel economy, noise and emissions, comfort and safety.

This exclusive Automotive World special report provides insight from key tyre industry stakeholders as they prepare to deliver tyres to an industry facing unprecedented change.

In this report:

  • Efficiency, innovation and opportunity in the global tyre market
  • The right tyre for the job: truckers need to choose carefully
  • Passenger car tyre makers ready to capitalise on autonomous driving
  • Under pressure: TPMS suppliers prepare for electrified, autonomous driving
  • A tyre for all seasons: all-year round market growth continues
  • Interview: Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General, ETRMA
  • How low can you go? Operators must weigh benefits of low rolling resistance tyres
  • Evolved compound mixing tech helps suppliers hit the right notes
  • Natural or synthetic? Tyre industry grapples with sustainability
  • Intelligent tyres needed to unleash full potential of autonomous driving

‘Special report: Developments in vehicle tyres’ features exclusive interviews with and contributions from:

  • Gary Powell, Technical / Field Engineering Manager, Bridgestone North Region    
  • Holger Lange, Vice President PLT Tire Development, Continental
  • Gerrit Bolz, Head of Process Development and Tyre Assembly, Continental
  • Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General, ETRMA
  • Marcus Schulz, Assistant Manager Product Planning, Falken Tyre
  • Mike Roeth, Executive Director, North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE)
  • Bydell Gustaf, Tyre Product Manager, Scania
  • Peter Mackel, Director, Global Business Developmen, Schrader
  • Dan Rogers, Head of Publishing, Smithers Rapra
  • Yasujiro Daisho, OE Tyre Designing Department Group Leader, Yokohama Rubber Company