Brazil’s new vehicle market: prospects to 2022

Automotive World examines the market prospects for light and heavy vehicles in Brazil in the five years to 2022

 Brazil's new vehicle market: Prospects to 2022

During 2017, Brazilian light vehicle (LV) demand increased by almost 9.5% to over 2.1 million units. This was the first year of growth after four years of decline that took sales down by 45%. Heavy vehicle (HV) demand rose by 5.1% to over 67,000 units, the first year of growth after three successive years of decline left the market 70% below its 2011 peak.

The improvements in both sectors were primarily the consequence of Brazil’s improving economy in 2017, with GDP growth estimated at 1.1% – far ahead of the start-of-year forecasts.

This Automotive World report examines the prospects for LVs and HVs in Brazil’s recovering market in the period to 2022.