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Daimler: Service quartet with star appeal

Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, Daimler FleetBoard and Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts at “transport logistic 2013” Tailor-made financial services for the logistics industry Rental fleet with all-round service Telematics offering added value 24-hour service for all eventualities Daimler promises its commercial vehicle customers a one-stop comprehensive service deal. The four service areas are on show … Continued

  • Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, Daimler FleetBoard and Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts at “transport logistic 2013”
  • Tailor-made financial services for the logistics industry
  • Rental fleet with all-round service
  • Telematics offering added value
  • 24-hour service for all eventualities

Daimler promises its commercial vehicle customers a one-stop comprehensive service deal. The four service areas are on show together at the “transport logistic” 2013 fair in Munich. Representatives from the Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, Daimler FleetBoard and Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts will be on hand in hall 6A to talk shop with logistics professionals, fleet owners and drivers. The fair is to run from 4 to 7 June.

“All the services relating to all aspects of our trucks and vans are an important field of business for Daimler. For one simple reason: they are important to our customers.” So says Ulrich Bastert, Head of Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, underscoring the essence of the appearance at this year’s fair. No other manufacturer from the industry is able to offer such an all-embracing portfolio. What sets this service offering apart is the fact that all the different areas belong to the Daimler Group, are closely interlinked and are thus able to work in a perfectly coordinated manner for the benefit of the customer – be they a large-scale logistics operator or a small family business.

Mercedes-Benz Bank: financial services provider with an understanding of commercial vehicles
Financing, leasing, insurance – the Mercedes-Benz Bank is the right address for anyone who is interested in these topics. As an established financial services provider for the logistics industry, the Mercedes-Benz Bank is able to put together specific product offerings, the like of which are beyond the resources of a conventional bank without such close ties to a manufacturer. In the area of financing, for example, it offers seasonal rates geared to the cyclical business conditions which are typical of the industry concerned. This is an interesting proposition above all for customers whose order books are commonly subject to seasonal variations, such as the construction industry in the winter months or parcel and courier services, which experience drops in business during the summertime holiday period. The terms of monthly financing rates can be adapted to cyclical business conditions.

In the leasing area, too, the Mercedes-Benz Bank continues to offer its customers support beyond the end of the actual lease contract. Its links to Daimler’s worldwide sales network place it in a position to guarantee stable residual values and to find buyers for used trucks and to arrange direct sales on good terms.

Mercedes-Benz Bank is the first service provider to offer a usage-based premiums model for used vehicle insurance. Policy holders benefit here from the fact that the bank has access to all the relevant vehicle data through its sister company, FleetBoard. What routes is the truck used on? What loads does it carry? Does it have a particularly careful driver? These points receive due consideration in calculating premiums, and may result in reductions. When the vehicle is stationary for a few days, the customer pays only a basic rate of insurance. In addition to improving safety on the road, opting to install technical features such as Active Brake Assist, Lane Assistant or adaptive cruise control in a newly acquired vehicle is also rewarded with a reduction of up to ten percent on the insurance premium.

Mercedes-Benz CharterWay: rental fleet with all-inclusive service
If you’re looking for tailor-made solutions for the transport industry, the multi-award-winning commercial vehicle service provider Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is the right partner for you: whether it’s a tractor unit, a complete vehicle, a waste disposal truck or a construction vehicle you’re looking for, CharterWay’s 7000-strong rental vehicle fleet has the appropriate vehicle to cope with any transport requirement. Particularly when it comes to covering peak order times or seasonal transport requirements, CharterWay Rental offers a cost-efficient alternative to running your own fleet. Depending on your needs, the vehicle can be rented for a 24-hour period or by the week or month; and with a driver, too, if necessary. The advantage for you as a customer: you remain flexible and don’t need to tie up your capital over the long term.

One particular advantage for transport operators driving on behalf of large-scale logistics companies is the CharterWay haulage operator model. This successful concept was developed ten years ago by CharterWay and Mercedes-Benz Bank, working in closer cooperation with the logistics company Dachser. According to this concept, the vehicle model, equipment and conditions available to sub-contractors through the pool rental arrangement are predefined. The use of pool vehicles liveried according to the corporate design of the main client guarantees that the company is able to operate a fleet that is uniform in appearance and always reflects the state of the art in technical terms, whilst also ensuring that transport operations run smoothly.

In terms of safety, environmental compatibility and economy, the CharterWay rental fleet always reflects the absolute state of the art. The vehicles are also available with the Daimler FleetBoard telematics system as an option. With the addition of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs, the new construction truck; the new Mercedes-Benz Atego for short-radius distribution operations and the Sprinter in the van sector, 2013 sees CharterWay continuing steadily to update its fleet. From this June, the new Euro VI-compliant Actros 2545 Big Space equipped as a driving instruction vehicle by the company S&G, will also be available on a rental deal.

In Germany, CharterWay Service currently looks after well in excess of 90,000 Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. Available services range from a guarantee on the drive system through to maintenance packages or a complete service offering, so enabling customers to plan over the long term for the costs of their fleet. With CharterWay ServiceLeasing the customer has access to a complete package of services, tailored to his individual service and finance requirements, all from a single provider.

Daimler FleetBoard: telematics offering added value
Within the service quartet, the software and hardware from Daimler FleetBoard is responsible for optimum transport processes. Products from the telematics systems supplier in the spotlight at transport logistic include the new FleetBoard Consulting.

The FleetBoard consultants are specialised in introducing and combining the the FleetBoard system to best effect with the customers’ IT and the logistics processes which are the daily business of transport companies and logistics professionals. They visit companies and develop ideal solutions for software and hardware deployment on site, based on actual day-to-day business operations. To this end, FleetBoard can already be integrated into 90 percent of the commercially available haulage software systems in Germany. The consultants oversee the process during the start-up phase and any necessary adaptations to the system can be carried out after completing exhaustive tests.

In addition to the new system services, tangible products will also be on show at the exhibition stand: interested visitors can view the devices employed by FleetBoard and acquaint themselves with the permanently installed “” and its functions. For usage outside the vehicle, its mobile counterpart, “” with an integrated bar code scanner and a touch screen for digital signatures is also available to be presented. It helps the driver to .

Daimler FleetBoard’s “FairGrade” information campaign is aimed specifically at drivers. The independent test institution Bureau Veritas confirmed FleetBoard’s performance analysis as an objective and fair system of evaluation. With the new information campaign “FairGrade” which is based on this system, FleetBoard addresses professional motorists and fleet operators. It shows how the Performance Analysis system’s assessment system works and renders its fairness and objectivity transparent. Visitors will learn what diverse benefits using the telematics system offers, how the various levels of data acquisition work together and how FleetBoard can help them to improve their performance on an ongoing basis.

Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts: support in every eventuality
Maintenance, service, breakdown assistance and mobility are the points of reference for the fourth service area to be showcased at the trade fair. Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts is placing the spotlight on Maintenance Management and its truck telediagnosis system. Both services make use of the good networking between the Daimler service providers, with the FleetBoard telematics providing the database. To this end, customers book the option “service” and release their vehicle data for transmission. With Truck Maintenance Management, the servicing workshop is then able to analyse all maintenance and selected wear-related information and draft an offer covering the scope of work, pricing and scheduling. This enables effective advance planning by the customer and the Mercedes-Benz workshop, so minimising the vehicle’s downtime.

In the event of a breakdown, telediagnosis comes into play. The “Uptime” FleetBoard option enables the vehicle’s position and diagnostic data to be relayed to the workshop at the push of a button. The Service24h technicians thus obtain an idea of the work that awaits them before setting off for the scene of the breakdown, ensuring that they take precisely the right tools and replacement parts with them to get the truck up and running again as quickly as possible.

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