World’s first SaaS navigation solution helps automakers streamline connected services development

HERE Technologies’ Kilian Frank, Niko Boeker and Moises Martinez discuss the advantages of ‘navigation on demand’

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Automakers are poised to develop portfolios of connected services that are regionally consistent and have similar levels of quality and functionality, yet multiple partners will be required as the content needed to build these unique services often comes from aggregators that only have a foothold in a specific region.

At the same time, automakers also need to delight drivers by connecting them in-car with pre-existing digital services from multiple consumer brands.

Achieving both goals requires a digital ecosystem that brings the relevant players together, yet creation of such a network would be complex and likely result in inflated costs or a delayed market introduction.

HERE Navigation On Demand is the world’s first Software as a Service (SaaS) connected navigation solution. It enables automakers to build and grow connected service portfolios and work with third parties, while also reducing development expenditure and time-to-market.

In this 60-minute webinar, HERE Technologies’ experts Kilian Frank, Niko Boeker and Moises Martinez, discuss:

  • How automakers can grow their service portfolio with HERE Navigation on Demand
  • How HERE Navigation on Demand helps automakers get started with off-the-shelf services from HERE and third parties
  • The advantages of ‘navigation as a platform’ when developing your own connected services
  • How to utilise the HERE Open Location Platform and HERE Navigation on Demand to work with third parties, build unique services and deliver ready-to-use functionality