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Automotive World Magazine – April 2024

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – April 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) will most probably change the world in ways we cannot even imagine today. It’s Nvidia’s job to predict the computing needs of those future applications, and deliver them. For the mobility industry, AI developments promise smarter autonomous driving systems, intuitive and companionable digital assistants, more efficient design processe, and optimised factory planning and supply chain management, just to name a few. This month we report back from GTC with a deep dive into the implications of Nvidia’s latest computing advances.

There’s also an exploration of Apple’s shelved Titan project, an update on the looming in-car web browser wars, Harman’s short-cut to monetising digital services, robotic charging developments and Canada’s prospects for global battery leadership.

In this issue:

  • Nvidia’s Blackwell unleashes the Al revolution
  • Apple’s cancelled ‘Titan’ presages rise of mass market EVs
  • Do EVs really mean a jobs’ bloodbath?
  • AV culture must emphasise safety, trust, and societal good
  • Michigan: mobility innovation builds on Motor City heritage
  • Agility defines start-up innovation for Volvo Group
  • Harman’s app store evolution ups UX and revenue potential
  • Will privacy decide the web browser wars?
  • Low volumes make it tough going for new entrants
  • Telematics levels playing field for fleet decarbonisation
  • What will the Chinese government do about OEM consolidation?
  • The human experience remains central to automotive retail
  • Robotic charging is at the intersection between EVs and AVs
  • Are automotive launch events still relevant in 2024?
  • Can Canada help drive North American EV battery leadership?

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