Will radio remain relevant in the car of the future?

With in-car entertainment services on the rise, ACCESS Europe’s Sven Eckoldt, and Michael Hill of Radioplayer discuss how radio can remain relevant to drivers and passengers


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High quality in-car audio has always played an important role in the health of the radio industry. However, connectivity is taking over and the role of radio is coming into question.

Today, modern cars are equipped with more connected entertainment options than ever, and a growing number of consumers wish to bring their personal devices into the vehicle. As a result, the radio industry must find more innovative ways to maintain its central role in the dashboard.

In this 60-minute webinar, Sven Eckoldt, Global Product Director at ACCESS Europe, and Michael Hill, Managing Director of Radioplayer, discuss the following topics:

  • how the car has become the new frontier for the media and entertainment industry
  • why the radio industry needs to embrace connected technologies
  • the steps that must be taken for radio to remain central to the in-vehicle audio experience