Creating secure, efficient and cost-effective OTA updates for connected and autonomous cars

Wind River’s Madison White and Khaldoun Albarazi of STMicroelectronics discuss how over-the-air software updates can benefit consumers and automakers alike

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Connected and autonomous cars are no longer the stuff of science fiction or solely contained in R&D labs. Over-the-air (OTA) update technology is proving invaluable for refreshing vehicle systems such as navigation and infotainment, and is now being taken to the next level.

With software complexity and the number of electronic control units (ECUs) within a car skyrocketing, automakers need a solution to manage and update increasingly sophisticated embedded systems throughout the entire life cycle of a vehicle. A secure end-to-end OTA solution offers many benefits, such as faster development and continuous software deployment cycles, reduced software-related recall and warranty costs, post-production enhancements, and new revenue streams.

Additionally, the resulting insight from vehicle updates, data collection and analysis opens the door to new business models and revenue streams for OEMs. In this 60-minute webinar, Madison White, Product Manager, Wind River, and Khaldoun Albarazi at STMicroelectronics, take a closer look at these factors.

Key topics include:

  • the importance of incorporating OTA as part of your end-end security strategy
  • benefits of secure OTA updates spanning the entire lifecycle of a vehicle
  • new revenue streams that can be associated with OTA and software lifecycle management
  • solutions for updating ECUs individually or in bulk
  • hardware features to enable current and future OTA strategies