Is Vision Zero achievable in trucking?

This Automotive World report considers whether Vision Zero is achievable in the truck industry

Special report: Is Vision Zero achievable in trucking?

Vision Zero is a noble goal for trucking, but it is a goal which will be far easier said than done.

At the heart of the sector’s ambitions lies automated technology, with everything from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to Level 4 and 5 autonomy expected to play a part. However, the sector must realise that technology alone will not be enough. Implementation of safety-first cultures and driver training will also be key, as will clear regulatory guidance.

Can the sector achieve Vision Zero? Developers are confident this mantra is not as utopian as it may sound. And no price can be put on the thousands of lives that could be saved in pursuit of a world with zero truck-related crashes, injuries and fatalities.

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‘Special report: Is Vision Zero achievable in trucking’ presents insight from:

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  • Locomation
  • MEMA
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