ZF lays out new safety strategy for ‘trucks that care’

The acquisition of another leading commercial vehicle supplier leaves ZF well placed to tackle the goal of Vision Zero, writes Freddie Holmes

Suppliers play a crucial role in delivering new technologies that can improve the safety of a heavy-duty commercial vehicle (CV). This may be through incremental improvements to braking and stability systems, or the introduction of more advanced active safety features that can mitigate dangerous situations.

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Growing interest in active safety has already seen rapid consolidation among suppliers in the passenger car space, and similar movements are taking place in the truck sector: in May, ZF completed the acquisition of a leading CV safety supplier, Wabco.

After a four-month integration period, the merger formed a global systems integrator with leading expertise in advanced braking, steering and assistance technologies. It mirrors a similar move in the passenger car space, when ZF acquired TRW in 2015. Under the banner of ‘mobilising commercial vehicle intelligence’, the acquisition will also expand ZF’s capabilities in connectivity, efficiency and automation.

ZF completes Wabco acquisition
Wolf-Henning Scheider, CEO of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and Fredrik Staedtler, who will lead the Commercial Vehicle Control Systems division

In an online event hosted by ZF in October 2020, executives…