Fuel cell electric trucks

The race for a zero-emissions solution in heavy-duty transport is far from run, but enthusiasm for fuel cell trucking remains high

Special report: Fuel cell electric trucks

2020 was a hectic year for the nascent fuel cell trucking space. In April, the world’s largest truckmakers affirmed their commitment to the zero-emissions technology with the establishment of a joint venture: Daimler and Volvo’s ‘cellcentric’ aims to have test vehicles with customers by 2024. Then, just a few months later, a report from short seller Hindenburg Research would send Nikola, once a poster child for the space, into a tailspin. Numerous allegations that the company had exaggerated its technical prowess were later found to be true, forcing then Chairman Trevor Milton out of a job.

Since then, it has become clear that the race for a zero-emissions solution for the heavy-duty transport sector is far from run. Falling battery prices and the development of supercharging technology threaten what once seemed the clear and obvious solution, i.e. hydrogen. Yet enthusiasm remains high, and numerous companies continue to pour investment into vehicle development and clean hydrogen production. This latest special report from Automotive World explores the latest developments in the sector.

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Special report: Fuel cell electric trucks’ presents insight from:

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