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City:One Challenge expands outside United States as Ford and Mexico City launch program to improve mobility for all

City:One Challenge Mexico City seeks to improve the mobility experience for everyone, with a focus on the most vulnerable people in the city including women and children and those in peripheral neighborhoods

Ford, corporate sponsors and Mexico City are launching City:One Challenge Mexico City, a program that invites residents and business and community groups to propose solutions to improve mobility in Mexico City.

As the evolution of technology has changed the way people move in cities, local leaders are seeking to improve quality of life, reduce social inequalities and increase productivity through the creation of an integrated mobility system. They are looking to improve accessibility and guarantee decent and safe travel conditions for all people, especially the most vulnerable.

City:One Challenge Mexico City believes that to solve some of the biggest difficulties affecting the city, it’s necessary to understand people’s mobility needs. The program seeks to improve transportation centers, provide greater sensitivity to the mobility needs of women and children, and create new opportunities for people on the periphery of Mexico City. It also is working to address security problems related to mobility in the city.

“We believe that to fix city mobility and transportation problems, we must focus on one person, one solution at a time,” said Jeff Jones, vice president, Ford City Solutions. “By focusing on the individual, we can start to solve larger problems that affect the entire city and create greater access for everyone. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to participate. Our goal is to really understand the unique needs of Mexico City by engaging residents, community groups and businesses in a way that leads to real improvement.”

Throughout the eight months of City:One Challenge Mexico City, those who live, work and play in Mexico City will be invited to explore dynamic mobility options focused on their main needs.

Mexico City and Ford Motor Company, together with challenge sponsors AT&T, Dell Technologies and Microsoft, as well as local sponsors Mobility ADO, Deloitte and Uber are teaming up to deliver the challenge, which will provide up to $100,000 for chosen solutions to test potential ideas through a pilot.

Mexico City is the first city outside the United States to launch the City:One Challenge. Each challenge is adapted to a specific city and its residents’ needs. The Mexico City program is being supported by local stakeholders, who will provide their mobility knowledge of the city.

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SOURCE: Ford Motor Company

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