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Automotive World Magazine – September 2021

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – September 2021

Tesla is often hailed—rightly or wrongly—as the face of future mobility due to its pioneering battery electric and automated driving developments. But is it pushing too hard, too fast on immature technology? There have been yet more crashes linked to Autopilot, prompting NHTSA to launch an investigation and industry watchers to call for revamped safety regulations. In Australia, a lithium-ion battery fire at a huge installation of Tesla batteries used for renewable energy storage has revived discussions around the risks associated with EV batteries.

This month’s Automotive World Magazine takes a closer look at the implications of these two developments, both for the automaker and the wider industry. We also hear from Robert Bosch Venture Capital on the key to spotting the next big mobility start-up and Switch Mobility on the prospects for electrifying India’s commercial vehicle market. Other industry insights touch on automaker responses to the microchip shortage, cyber security strategies and what will replace diesel in the long-haul segment.

In this issue:

    • Latest Tesla crashes put automated driving governance in the spotlight
    • Spotting mobility start-ups: look for disruption potential and a great team
    • Despite new bill, US to lag on EVs
    • Switch Mobility aims to lead India’s electric CV market
    • The new sound: audio innovation key for future automotive UX
    • Could threat of job losses slow autonomous deployments?
    • Baidu steps up its autonomous driving ambitions
    • UNECE regulations spell out the cyber security challenge
    • E-buses to transform transport—but only if they crack the charging challenge
    • Tesla Megapack fire spotlights battery safety challenges
    • Automakers are adapting to the microchip shortage
    • White hats bring much-needed innovation to automotive cyber security
    • What replaces diesel in the long-haul segment, and when?
    • Electric trucks a good fit for urban distribution

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