Automotive World Magazine – May 2022

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Automotive World Magazine – May 2022

There’s no doubting the momentum of the e-mobility revolution: sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are rising, as are the number of models on offer. Lotus, known for its lightweight sportscars, has just launched its first all-electric SUV, following similar moves from the likes of Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Porsche. Brands are radically overhauling long-time corporate strategies, but that doesn’t mean the technology scramble is over. In fact, developments remain as volatile as ever with numerous technologies pushing in different directions simultaneously.

While the bulk of EVs today are plugged in, there’s growing noise around alternatives like battery swap. More recently, wireless charging has seen revived activity with a new pilot from Volvo. Plenty of stakeholders have been drawn to the convenience aspect of the wireless approach and are investing time and money in it. The technology is particularly suited to large fleets like taxi and ride-share, which could dominate urban mobility in the not too distant future. This month’s Automotive World Magazine takes a deep dive in these and other issues shaping the future of mobility.

In this issue:

  • Is the world finally ready for wireless EV charging?
  • Better balance of mobility modes and working patterns will tackle congestion
  • EVs become cash cows for European automakers
  • Mercedes’ L3 liability acceptance offers clarity and new questions
  • Is the writing on the wall for Europe’s PHEV market?
  • Could Russian sanctions improve European auto manufacturing?
  • Silicon nanowires a ‘breakthrough’ for electric future, says Karl-Thomas Neumann
  • CASE evolution complicates mobility M&A
  • Stellantis targets ambitious connected software growth
  • Surging complexity hampers the evolution of in-vehicle networks
  • Aiways capitalises on EV market shakeup in European offensive
  • EV profit relies on more than just sales
  • ‘Edge as a service’ to play vital role in automotive
  • New electric SUV leads brand transformation for Lotus Cars

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