Premium connected car services must be secured

ACCESS Europe’s Robert Guest and Irdeto’s Dan Murdock discuss how connected in-car services can be protected in the era of connectivity


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Connectivity will enable cars to become service hubs, providing the apps and services consumers are familiar with from their smartphones. However, turning the car into an open environment risks making it vulnerable to security threats. Additionally, more sophisticated in-vehicle infotainment systems, often connected to a passenger’s mobile phone, could open a gateway to other connected components, rendering the vehicle’s control systems open to attack.

In this 60-minute webinar, Robert Guest, Vice President, Product Management at ACCESS Europe, and Dan Murdock, Principal Architect at Irdeto, discuss how to build secure environments for in-car platforms and entertainment services that minimise the chances of consumers falling foul to security threats, whilst still enabling the consumption of high value content, services and applications.

Other topics of discussion include:

  • Improved in-vehicle experience — How increased connectivity in the car will enhance journeys by matching the home entertainment experience
  • Preventing content piracy — Why content protection technologies, such as Digital Rights Management (DRM), are crucial to protect premium content from broadcasters and studios in the car
  • Keeping the car operating as intended — Why vehicle platform security must be built in from the start to cover all attack entry points, including network communications, and not seen as an add-on service