Finding the perfect balance of vehicle attributes through tailored automotive engineering

Experts from AVL discuss how the company’s engineering services can help to achieve the ideal balance of vehicle attributes, such as efficiency, handling and performance

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There is a strong industry trend toward developing vehicle components and systems whilst considering the needs of the entire vehicle. As such, independent engineering firm AVL is continuously extending its vehicle engineering portfolio in order to support complete vehicle development.

This requires an understanding of various attributes, and automakers need to find the right balance. In this 60-minute webinar, Erik Bogner, Skill Team Leader, Driving Attributes Assessment, along with Michael Bires, Director Sales and Marketing and Karl Gayregger, Component Engineer Vehicle Engineering at AVL, provide insight into vital engineering services such as:

  • testing, assessing, benchmarking and target setting for vehicle attributes
  • virtual vehicle concept studies and prototyping
  • powertrain integration, and how it relates to chassis, thermal, electronic/electric, mechanical and geometrical vehicle topics
  • helping OEMs create an ideal balance of attributes that are relevant to end consumers, such as efficiency, range, driveability, performance and ride and handling