Artificial intelligence and the future of vehicle manufacturing

Automotive World explores the role of artificial intelligence in the vehicle factory of the future

Special report: Artificial intelligence and the future of vehicle manufacturing

From intelligent assembly line cobots to AI-powered machine vision quality control, artificial intelligence is becoming a regular feature of next-generation manufacturing strategies. Automakers and suppliers are taking diverse approaches to smart manufacturing; some are partnering with established and new technology companies, while others are developing AI solutions in-house. AI may have a place at the heart of smart manufacturing, but so too does cost, and those seeking to benefit from the implementation of AI need to be able to justify the investment.

Automotive World’s report on AI and the future of vehicle manufacturing presents views and opinions from manufacturing and AI experts in the automotive industry, and from companies seeking to become stakeholders in the car and truck factories of the future.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Automakers will need AI solutions to retain their competitive edge
  • Reduced workload, increased efficiency—automakers invest in manufacturing AI
  • Cost justification at the heart of the smart factory challenge
  • Cobots essential for future manufacturing, but will AI solve the safety challenge?
  • Machine vision start-ups use AI to win auto industry business
  • How intelligent scanning could unlock value in smart manufacturing
  • Embracing AI in manufacturing requires a total team effort
  • People vs AI: the assembly line worker’s perspective
  • Smart logistics: from A to B with AI
  • Could manufacturing AI be a surprise by-product of AV development?

‘Special report: Artificial intelligence and the future of vehicle manufacturing’ provides insight from a range of industry stakeholders, including:

  • automatica
  • Cognex
  • Comau
  • Continental
  • Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS)
  • Inspekto
  • KUKA
  • McKinsey
  • UVeye