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Special report: Fuel cell vehicles

Special report: Fuel cell vehicles

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) – for so long the powertrain technology ‘just over the horizon’, seemingly always ‘about a decade away’. But with investment in H2 R&D at apparently unprecedented levels, are we about to see a breakthrough for FCEVs? Based on interviews with OEMs, suppliers and industry commentators, this Automotive World special report considers the current and future role of hydrogen-powered FCEVs.

In this report:

  • Fuel cell vehicles: on the cusp of a breakthrough?
  • Suppliers must prepare now for future powertrain diversity
  • Honda’s FCEV vision takes shape as Clarity hits the road
  • FCEV infrastructure challenge could get easier and cheaper with time
  • Starting from scratch: the indie building the car around the tech
  • Collaborative efforts continue on fuel cell vehicle cost reduction
  • For logistics companies, fuel cells are just one piece of the puzzle
  • From track to truck, the race is on to take FCVs to the mainstream
  • Scalable fuel cell tech means Mirai is just the start, says Toyota
  • Slow-burner: H2 sector needs tipping point for FCV viability

Special report: Fuel cell vehicles’ includes an industry overview written by Lisa Jerram of Navigant Research, and exclusive interviews with:

  • Gavin Donkin, Vice President Product Development, Honeywell Transportation Systems
  • Thomas Brachmann, Section Lead, xEV Powertrain Research, Honda R&D Europe
  • Markus Bachmeier, Head of Hydrogen Solutions, Linde Group
  • Hugo Spowers, Chief Engineer and Founder, Riversimple
  • Raimund Stroebel, Director, European Fuel Cell Products, Dana
  • Mark Wallace, Senior Vice President Global Engineering and Sustainability, UPS
  • Jean-Francois Weber, founder and R&D Director, GreenGT
  • Craig Scott, National Manager, US Advanced Technology Group, Toyota
  • Joel Ewanick, Chief Executive, FirstElement Fuel

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