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Special report: Developments in wheel technology

Special report: Developments in wheel technology

Cars and trucks all have them, yet they’re all very different – in terms of looks, size, weight, material and even purpose. For something so ubiquitous, the design, development and production of a vehicle wheel is complex and challenging.

This Automotive World special report presents the views of suppliers and OEMs on developments in car and truck wheel technology.

In this report:

  • Volvo on the (r)evolving art of wheel design
  • Play as a team when developing new wheels, says SEAT
  • OEM-supplier relationship crucial to wheel development success
  • Wheels – the perfect application for carbon fibre?
  • Wheel bearings – out of sight, but not out of mind for future mobility
  • Truck industry eyes full-scale transition to aluminium wheels
  • Can the auto industry afford to ignore the magnesium wheel?
  • OEMs, prepare for a steel wheel renaissance – supplier
  • Two become one – supplier turns the wheel into a brake system
  • Bigger, lighter, stronger – auto industry has its say on future of wheel design

‘Special report: Developments in wheel technology’ features exclusive interviews with:

  • Maximilian Missoni, Vice President Exterior Design, Volvo Cars
  • Joan Roig, Head of Chassis Development, SEAT
  • Chris Reyner, Technical Director, Rimstock
  • Brett Gass, Executive Director, Carbon Revolution
  • Fredrik Larsson, Head of Strategy and Technology Development, Automotive, SKF
  • Tom McGann, Global Director of Marketing for Wheel and Transportation Products, Arconic
  • Bill Koenig, Executive VP, MKW Alloy
  • Ralf Duning, Head of Engineering, Maxion Wheels
  • Paul Linhoff, Head of Brake Pre-Development, Chassis & Safety Business Unit, Continental

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