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Special report: Developments in automotive lighting

 Special report: Developments in automotive lighting

Major advances in vehicle lighting technology have enabled OEMs to turn a legal requirement into a design feature. Smaller, more powerful, more efficient, adjustable and smart, advanced lighting technology is trickling down from high-end cars to the mainstream, and bringing with it new possibilities for aesthetics, safety and structural design.

This Automotive World report provides exclusive insight from the key stakeholders at the cutting edge of automotive lighting.

In this report:

  • Automotive lighting in steady evolution
  • Leading the way: LEDs will dominate automotive lighting within a decade
  • Smart headlights could take on projection role, says Daimler
  • Reparability too often overlooked in vehicle lighting development
  • Suppliers embrace laser lighting tech for brighter, smarter cars
  • Into the dark: suppliers embrace LEDs for automotive lighting
  • Suppliers work to democratise ADB, but better halogens still needed
  • US headlight testing driving up standards
  • Intelligent lighting – an essential part of the intelligent car
  • LED driver innovation essential for auto lighting performance

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