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Special report: Connected vehicle data security

Special report - Connected vehicle data security

This Automotive World special report on connected vehicle data security looks not only at light vehicle cyber security, but also at what is being done to secure data in connected trucks; it also examines the increasingly important role of data centres and the need for pan-industry collaboration.

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Iran’s new vehicle market: Prospects to 2020

Iran's new vehicle market: Prospects to 2020

This Automotive World report outlines the potential for the country’s new vehicle market to grow throughout the period to 2020, by which time the light vehicle and heavy commercial vehicle sectors will have both exceeded their 2011 market peak.

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Special report: Brazil’s auto industry

Special report: Brazil's auto industry

This Automotive World special report contains exclusive interviews with key players in Brazil’s car, truck and supplier sectors, and various analysts’ views on the prospects for the country’s automotive industry.

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