Showing hard core strength! GWM Smart Wire Control Chassis and TANK 300 were Shortlisted in CCTV Automobile Award

On March 6, the core intelligent technology of GWM - smart wire control chassis and the fashionable and fun off-road star model TANK 300 City Edition, were shortlisted in the Special Jury Award and Model Award of CCTV's second "China Automotive Grand Ceremony"

The Second “China Automotive Grand Ceremony” is an industry ceremony sponsored by CMG(China Media Group), specially planned by CCTV-2, and provided with technical support by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Society of Automotive Engineers and other industry authorities. GWM smart wire control chassis and TANK 300 City Edition got shortlisted at the same time, showing GWM’s hard core strength in technology research and development and production fields. GWM smart wire control chassis was shortlisted in the Special Jury Award of CCTV’s second “China Automotive Grand Ceremony”.

Smart Wire Control Chassis Contributes to the Intelligent Automobile Age

In terms of core technology, GWM smart wire control chassis was shortlisted in the Special Jury Award of the second “China Automotive Grand Ceremony”. As a revolutionary chassis technology, GWM smart wire control chassis has achieved the evolution of wire control and intelligence of automobile chassis that supports advanced intelligent assisted driving, endowing new vitality to the field of intelligent assisted driving, and efficiently promoting the automobile from traditional era to an intelligent one. Be it a breakthrough of technology itself or the significance to the development of auto industry, GWM smart wire control chassis deserves the award.

Chassis is a very important executive terminal in intelligent assisted driving. GWM changed the traditional mechanical hydraulic chassis technology with complex structure and slow response into a new one based on the brand-new electronic and electrical architecture that integrates five core systems: steering by wire, brake by wire, shift by wire, accelerator by wire and suspension by wire. It covers the motion control of the vehicle with six degrees of adjustments , including all chassis driving actions, enabling the wire control and intelligentization of the automobile chassis, and efficiently promotes the implementation of high-level intelligent assisted driving technology. At the same time, the functional safety level of the smart wire control chassis system of GWM can always be maintained at the automobile safety integrity level ASIL D, which ensures the safety of intelligent assisted driving.

Starting from the core hardware such as electro-mechanical brake, steering gear, motor, simulator and controller to the whole software system, the smart wire control chassis is independently developed and designed by GWM who applied for over 100 patents in this course. All these show the hard core strength of GWM in the field of intelligent core technology, and also show the great potential of GWM in the whole intelligent development to the industry and society.

Category Innovation Improves the Global Off-road Market Strength

With keen market insight, GWM seizes the changes of new consumption trends under the changes of the times, and keeps on opening up new category markets. The TANK 300 City Edition shortlisted in the Annual Model is an outstanding work in the field. It is a city SUV integrating hard core fashionable design, intelligent comfort and multi-functional hard core strength. The TANK 300 City Edition is “one car with multiple functions”, which provides excellent experience in the whole scenarios, such as traveling in the city, light off-road, fun modification. At the same time, it also has many intelligent driving assistance functions, allowing users to have an intelligent travel life that can be freely switched between the city and the outdoor.

TANK 300 City Edition cannot have been shortlisted in the second “China Automotive Grand Ceremony” without the great efforts of GWM’s TANK platform. As a global intelligent professional off-road platform, the TANK platform is the integration of GWM’s global superior resources that has invested great financial and material resources. With these, it is very professional, reliable and intelligent enough in off-road performance. In terms of intelligence, rich intelligent off-road configurations including all-terrain control system, crawl mode, tank turn, etc. provide users with professional and smooth control in different scenarios. At the same time, the TANK platform has been strictly tested in various complex roads and extreme environments around the world, so as to ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicles as much as possible and provide worry-free experiences to the users. The TANK platform is a demonstration of GWM’s technological ability and helps GWM to make breakthrough in the off-road market.

With both the model and core technology shortlisted in the second “China Automotive Grand Ceremony” Award, GWM has proved its ability of providing better products for users on all aspects, and its innovative strength in the core technology field and further enhanced its competitiveness and position in this industry and market.

Source: Great Wall Motors

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