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SEAT wins the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year category at the 6th International VR Awards

The VR Awards recognises and celebrates achievement in Virtual Reality technology

SEAT S.A. has won big at this year’s International VR Awards, taking home the VR Enterprise Solution of the Year honour, for its Immersive Design Check (IMDCH) technology, fending off the competition from 10 other finalists.

The VR Enterprise Solution of the Year category rewards projects that satisfy the needs of an organisation rather than individual users, including businesses, schools, interest-based user groups, clubs, charities, and governments.

The award win highlights SEAT’s willingness to integrate the latest technologies and systems to make sure that the vehicles it develops meet rigorous requirements. In this case the company’s Immersive Design Check (IMDCH) is a tool based on a physical model, so users can interact with it as they would with a real model but taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the virtual model, such as comparing models / variants easily and quickly.

The increasing reduction of physical prototypes pushes the use of other types of tools for decision making during the development of the project. The Immersive Design Check is a hybrid model between the physical and virtual worlds. In this way, there’s a model where physical validations can be made while showing a wide range of alternatives and status in the virtual world. Synergies are also achieved between physical and virtual. It helps achieve greater confidence and delivers greater maturity to the project in very early phases where the changes are very fast.

“The VR Enterprise Solution of the Year award underlines SEAT’s determination to use all the tools available in order to produce the best vehicles possible, vehicles that meet all the criteria and standards we set ourselves,” says Dr. Werner Tietz Executive Vice-president for Research and Development. “Immersive Design Check is an incredible example of this, and thanks to this honour, shows how important new technologies are in vehicle development programmes.”

The VR Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievement in VR, and combined with year-round initiatives around the world, bring together industries and projects to applaud excellence and bring unique access to the world’s most influential names in immersive technology.


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