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New Bosch online search for classic-vehicle spare parts

Wealth of historic knowledge keeps classic vehicles of different eras on the roads

For many years now, Bosch Classic has been supporting owners of modern-era classic and classic vehicles providing them with spare parts and technical knowledge allowing them to maintain their vehicles. Right from the very beginning, Bosch has been an important player in automotive history furthering and promoting developments by means of technical innovations. Bosch Classic, the company’s classic-car division, thus assumed the task of maintaining and preserving the historic heritage of both the automotive history and the company’s one. Besides spare parts supply, Bosch Classic thus also supports fans of classic vehicles by means of know-how, technical literature and comprehensive information. At, owners of modern-era classic and classic vehicles can now specifically search for information related to individual spare parts for their vehicles.

The new vehicle and product search allows fans of historic vehicles to search by brand, type, series, model or even engine code. Researches for specific Bosch products can be performed by part number, type, trade name or directly by the product name. As a result of their online research, the users are provided with selected and detailed product information such as technical features, pictures and lists of spare parts. At the next step as of 2023, Bosch Classic will grant access to additional historic documents out of its archives providing them as PDF files to be accessed via the vehicle and product search. By then, the information available online will also include equipment lists for older vehicles produced before 1945, for instance.

Technical literature and trainings on historic automotive technologies

A broad range of technical literature out of the archives providing a wealth of information also provides owners of modern-era classic and classic cars with Bosch Classic know-how. A recent novelty is, for instance, the book on electrical equipment for classic cars of the 1950ies and 1960ies (available in German language only), published at the Heel-Verlag in cooperation with Bosch Classic. It describes automotive electrical systems providing installation, maintenance and repair instructions concerning the main components. Even some of the famous and beloved “yellow jackets” have by now been published as books – for instance on Gasoline engine control systems for modern-era classic and classic vehicles (available in German language only). At Bosch Classic trainings, historic knowledge is taught in a much more practical manner. In small groups, the training participants learn about maintenance and repair tasks concerning Bosch systems aged 20 years and more.


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