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Bosch QUICK FIT universal tire-pressure sensors Just four parts numbers cover 90 percent of vehicles in the EU

TPA programming device configures nearly all commercially available tire-pressure sensors

Since 2014, all newly registered vehicles in the EU have had to be equipped with a tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS). As a rule, sensors measure tire pressure directly at the tire and continuously relay their readings wirelessly to the TPMS control unit. If faulty sensors have to be replaced, workshops frequently have to identify the vehicle-specific sensors and order them separately. With its QUICK FIT universal tire-pressure sensors, Bosch can cover more than 90 percent of all vehicles in the EU with just one sensor and four commercially available valve variants. At the same time, Bosch has developed its TPA 300, a new programming tool. In combination with the QUICK FIT sensors, the universal tire-pressure sensors of 20 further automakers can be programmed using the TPA 300, bringing vehicle coverage in the EU up to more than 95 percent.

Clear advantages for the aftermarket and workshops

The new universally programmable Bosch QUICK FIT sensors mean that wholesalers and workshops can now cover a very large share of the vehicle market by stocking just four parts numbers. This reduces effort and warehousing expenses, and also increases availability. The sensors are available in various designs and valve sizes, and as rubber and steel variants. This makes them compatible with all common wheel and tire types. Bosch uses extensive functional and quality testing to ensure that the QUICK FIT sensors satisfy the same standards as original parts.

New TPA 300 tool for sensor programming

Although the QUICK FIT sensors can in principle be put into operation using any common programming tool, Bosch recommends its TPA 300 for programming. The new programming tool was developed specifically for the rapid and simple vehicle-specific configuration of universal TPMS sensors. Workshop associates can read out and check the wirelessly transmitted TPMS data on the TPA 300’s 2.8-inch color display. Step by step, the handy device then guides them through the vehicle learning process for the sensors. The purchase price of the TPA 300 also includes free software updates for device functions and the vehicles and sensors covered for the first three years following purchase. This keeps workshops permanently up to date. The scope of delivery includes a charging cable, USB-B cable, brief instructions, a user’s manual, and a practical carry case. An OBD-II module is also available as an option.

Continuous monitoring of tire pressure prevents unnoticed pressure loss, and thus plays an important part in road safety. In addition, the right tire pressure ensures optimum fuel consumption and less tire wear. In the shape of the new universal Bosch QUICK FIT tire-pressure sensors, the TPA 300 programming tool, and technical support, workshops have an all-in-one package for TPMS diagnosis, sensor installation and removal, and hassle-free sensor programming.


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