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Automotive World Magazine – December 2023

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – December 2023

Growing environmental pressure, strict emissions targets, and limited grid capacity mean that hydrogen will inevitably play a role in the energy transition. Players are exploring not only hydrogen fuel cells and range extenders but also hydrogen internal combustion engines and hydrogen-fuelled charging stations for battery electric vehicles. One forecast puts the global hydrogen market value at US$317bn by 2032. Even a small slice of that market could prove a lucrative business. This month we take a closer look at this evolving ecosystem and some of the players jockeying for a leadership role.

We also hear from BMW, Scania and Nissan on how electrification is reshaping their product offering, R&D and business strategies, and explore the implications of Schaeffler’s acquisition of Vitesco within the wider EV supply consolidation trend.

In this issue:

  • Hydrogen ecosystem offers huge business opportunity
  • Mitsubishi’s global ambitions have come to an end
  • BMW’s Gen6 battery demands an ‘all hands on deck’ approach
  • Tesla’s Q3 earnings indicate maturing US EV market
  • Will GPS spoofing slow autonomous driving?
  • Schaeffler buys Vitesco: EV supply consolidation accelerates
  • Where next for in-car marketing?
  • Inside Nissan’s EV playbook
  • Daimler pursues geothermal as a green production option
  • H2 ICE: a less disruptive decarbonisation short-cut?
  • Could Kymco set the 2W battery swap standard?
  • UK autonomous vehicles deployment takes a step forward
  • Scania’s pay-per-use model could ease EV truck transition
  • Toyota project lays a data foundation for fuel cell LCVs
  • Partial consensus on global LCA standards remains feasible

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