New tech tackles the ‘headache’ of analysing AV test data

Autonomous vehicle testing generates swathes of data. Analysing all that data can be time consuming, but a new approach could save development teams weeks. By Freddie Holmes

Sifting through the terabytes of data generated each day by an autonomous vehicle (AV) test fleet takes time. Today, the process can take weeks as developers try to pinpoint particular corner cases from video footage.

In some cases, a day’s worth of driving can produce just five minutes of useful material. The days and weeks required to identify and export that data is killing the efficiency of the AV development process.

“We’ve learned the challenges of handling the data generated by AVs—it is time consuming and error prone,” said Robin Nijor, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing at Renovo, during the M:bility | Europe conference in Stuttgart. “Finding the information you need is…