VCs and start-ups in the auto industry

This Automotive World report looks at the role of venture capital companies in the auto industry, and their relationship with start-ups developing niche tech

Special report: VCs and start-ups in the auto industry

In a world of rapidly developing technology, small start-up companies with game-changing ideas can make all the difference for a supplier or a vehicle manufacturer. However, nurturing that technology, developing the company, preparing the product or concept for scale and sale – these are too often out of the scope of a small niche supplier. This is where venture capital comes in – specialist investors prepared to develop a company to a certain point, and then reap the rewards of that investment when the time is right.

This Automotive World special report examines the role of venture capital in the automotive industry, with insight from OEM and supplier VCs, as well as independent VCs and start-ups.

In this report:

  • Automotive venture capitalists are on the hunt for unicorns
  • Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to leverage start-up expertise with VC arm
  • Interview: Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures
  • Corporate venture capital – the middleman between start-up and OEM
  • Future mobility innovation accelerated by venture capital cash
  • Building a team, executing a vision – the ins and outs of venture capital
  • VC investment is all about the tech – and the ROI
  • VCs facilitate successful OEM-start-up partnerships
  • VCs eye home runs from autonomous driving start-ups
  • Cash aside, how does venture capital help start-ups?

‘Special report: VCs and start-ups in the auto industry’ features exclusive interviews with:

  • François Dossa, Head of Alliance Ventures
  • Lars-Olof Gustavsson, head of Scania Venture Capital Fund
  • Sebastian Peck, Managing Director, InMotion Ventures
  • Paul Mascarenas, Special Venture Partner, Fontinalis Partners
  • Ben Hsieh, Programme Manager, Nest
  • Ingo Ramesohl, Managing Director, Robert Bosch Venture Capital
  • Neil Weintraut, Managing Partner, Motus Ventures
  • Mark Norman, Managing Partner, Fraser McCombs Capital
  • Cara Haffey, Head of industrial Manufacturing and Automotive, PwC