The powertrain mix of the future

A new Automotive World report investigates how propulsion is set to change in the next generations of vehicles

Special report: The powertrain mix of the future

A new Automotive World report looks at the evolution of vehicle propulsion technologies as fossil fuels are replaced by sustainable alternatives.

The internal combustion engine (ICE) is king today, but electrified powertrains—be they hybrid, plug-in, battery electric or even fuel cell—are gaining ground.

While consumer concerns around electric driving range and infrastructure remain sticking points, the tide is slowly turning in favour of zero emissions-capable alternatives. In the meantime, the refinement of traditional gasoline, diesel and natural gas engines will continue.

Interest in synthetic fuels and e-fuels is also growing, with the oil giants now turning their focus from fossil fuels to charging networks and vehicle-to-grid technologies.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • COMMENT: Powertrain mix of the future to vary by region and segment
  • Decarbonisation reliant on electrification and synthetic fuels
  • From electric to hydrogen, suppliers scramble for uncertain powertrain mix
  • Can technology advances clean up diesel’s dirty image?
  • Electrification is no longer a choice, but a necessity
  • Hydrogen highways: fuel cell vehicles are still on the menu
  • Big energy is splashing out on future powertrain needs

‘Special Report: The powertrain mix of the future’ provides insight from a range of automotive industry stakeholders, including:

  • ABB
  • Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst (AECC)
  • Audi
  • Diesel Technology Forum
  • E4tech
  • EDF Energy
  • European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA)
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
  • KPMG
  • Lubrizol
  • Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)
  • ZF