Can automakers win the mobility services race?

Automotive World explores the opportunities and challenges facing the automakers as they square up against other potential mobility services stakeholders

Special report: Can automakers win the mobility services race?

Automotive World’s special report on the mobility services race considers what the automakers are doing, and what they need to do, if they want to secure and retain a leading position in an increasingly crowded field of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) providers.

The future of mobility is summed up, for the automakers, as CASE—connected, autonomous, shared and electric—but future mobility business models are likely to combine all four. The “S” is key to MaaS, and automakers know that in this race, you need to be in it to win it.

The likes of Uber and Lyft may have an early head start, but with these players’ platforms currently struggling for profitability, automakers can buy themselves some time. To win the MaaS race, players need to have MaaS pilots up and running sooner rather than later. Customers need to be convinced of the potential of MaaS, so the earlier companies can demonstrate its potential, the better. 

In this report:

‘Special report: Can automakers win the mobility services race?opens with an article commissioned exclusively for Automotive World by Susanne Birkhold, Philipp Kampshoff, Kersten Heineke and Timo Möller of McKinsey & Company, and presents insight from a range of leading stakeholders, including:

  • ABI Research
  • Aptiv
  • Arthur D. Little
  • Audi
  • Center for Automotive research (CAR)
  • EasyMile
  • Gartner
  • Havn (JLR InMotion Ventures)
  • MaaS Global
  • WeShare (Volkswagen)