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End-of-life electric vehicle batteries

This Automotive World report explores the many approaches to refurbishment, reuse and recycling of EV batteries

Special report: End-of-life electric vehicle batteries

Electric vehicle (EV) sales will grow rapidly in the coming years, producing an influx of used batteries. While these batteries will have reached the end of their useful life in a vehicle, they may still have potential for use in other applications. Accurately assessing the battery’s history and current state of health will open the door to a wave of second-life business models around refurbishment, energy storage applications and recycling.

In this report:

‘Special report: End-of-life electric vehicle batteries’ presents insight from:

  • Autocraft EV Solutions
  • Circular Energy Storage
  • ElectricFish
  • Redwood Materials
  • TerrePower
  • Universitat Politechnica de Valenica
  • University of Limerick

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