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Special report: The future of diesel in the auto industry

Special report: The future of diesel in the auto industry

Once so heavily promoted for its fuel efficiency and CO2 performance, diesel is now a byword for pollution. Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal may be credited with triggering its demise, but questions were already being asked. The debate has shifted firmly from ‘clean diesel’ to clean air, with cities battling smog and NOx – and those clean-up campaigns have diesel in the crosshairs. As far as mainstream passenger cars are concerned, the future doesn’t look good for the oil burner; the question is, what are the long-term prospects for diesel in the mainstream automotive industry?

In this report:

  • Diesel still has ‘long legs’ in the US, believes lobby group
  • ‘Clean’ diesels could be eclipsed by cost-effective gasoline tech
  • Diesel divergence has implications for fleet CO2, not just NOx
  • Diesels to get 48-volt treatment in push to meet fleet targets
  • Dirty diesels hiding behind Euro 6 label, says NGO
  • Germany’s ‘diesel fortress’ under siege from EVs, potential subsidy cuts
  • Interview: Michel Forissier, R&D Director, Valeo
  • China’s thirst for EVs leaves no room for diesel
  • Key trends affecting the future of automotive diesel technology
  • Double whammy for diesel in India: soaring prices, tumbling demand

‘Special report: The future of diesel in the auto industry’ features exclusive interviews with:

  • Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director, Diesel Technology Forum
  • Gaurav Batra, Associate Director, EY Knowledge
  • John German, Senior Fellow and Regional Co-Lead at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)
  • Nick Molden, Founder and Chief Executive, Emissions Analytics
  • Oliver Maiwald, Head of Technology and Innovation, Powertrain Division, Continental 
  • Julia Poliscanova, Manager, Clean Vehicles and Air Quality, Transport & Environment (T&E)
  • Michel Forissier, R&D Director, Valeo

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