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Special report: Autonomous cars

Special reports: Autonomous cars

Much of the technology for self-driving or autonomous cars already exists. However, bringing the cars to market involves not only honing that technology, but perhaps more importantly, shaping the regulatory and societal frameworks in which the cars will operate. From OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to the insurance, security, sensor technology and software sectors, this exclusive Automotive World report presents the views of leading industry stakeholders at the forefront of the race to launch autonomous cars.

In this report:

  • Autonomous driving: How to prepare for disruptive innovations
  • Safety and quality of life – the fundamentals of Volvo’s self-driving car programme
  • It’s a date: Kia to deliver autonomous cars by 2030
  • Autonomous driving requires insurance industry to seek out new competencies
  • Worlds apart: Automated and autonomous driving
  • Semiconductor industry braced for fully autonomous cars
  • There’s still time to secure the autonomous car
  • Safety first, with added convenience: a clear path through the autonomous landscape
  • Lidar eliminates the guesswork in autonomous driving
  • Robotics, open source and the IoT – the complex world of the autonomous car

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