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Renault Kardian: a compact, modern and tech focused SUV set to conquer international markets

The launch of Kardian marks another step in the Renaulution strategic plan – the start of the “Renovation” phase in Renault’s international markets

The launch of Kardian marks another step in the Renaulution strategic plan – the start of the “Renovation” phase in Renault’s international markets. This brand-new model is the first in a full range of vehicles with an international focus, illustrating the brand’s new strategy for non-European markets. Developed in line with market expectations and in close collaboration with teams based in countries where Renault has a long-standing presence and teams at the Technocentre, this model will go on sale in Latin America before arriving in other non-European markets.

Renault Kardian is a compact urban B-segment vehicle with Renault’s DNA at the heart of its design, both in its style and its equipment. Its front end showcases the brand’s new stylistic identity, featuring the “Nouvel’R” logo and a new signature lighting pattern.

Resolutely modern, Kardian boasts innovations and features usually reserved for higher segment vehicles – 17-inch rims, a high console with an “e-shifter” gear selector, as well as MULTI‑SENSE settings offering different driving modes and eight ambient lighting options. Renault Kardian is also equipped with six airbags, as well as 13 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as a blind spot warning system and a multi-view camera system.

Kardian inaugurates a new Renault platform that is modular and highly versatile and will enable the development of a diverse range of models for a number of non-European markets. At launch, Kardian will feature an innovative mechanical combination in South America Kardian will be launched with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged of 125 hp with 220 Nm of torque direct injection engine coupled with an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission.

Backed by its long-standing industrial presence in several regions worldwide, Renault will produce Kardian at the Curitiba plant in Brazil first, then, thanks to the agility and flexibility of our industrial system, at the Casablanca (SOMACA) plant in Morocco.

“With the Renault Brand International Game Plan 2027, we aim to transform the Renault brand worldwide by demonstrating a relentless commitment to delivering value to our customers. Kardian – the first of eight models we will launch between now and 2027 – perfectly embodies this plan in the B segment, setting the stage for a broader offensive in the C and D segments.”

Fabrice Cambolive, CEO of the Renault Brand

“Renault’s entire DNA and expertise are present in Kardian, with the new design style and technologies that are innovative for the segment, useful and well-thought-out and bring considerable value to our customers. This vehicle clearly reinforces and modernises our B-segment range – first in Latin America, then in other markets such as Morocco.”

Bruno Vanel, VP Renault Brand, Product Performance

SOURCE: Renault

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