Renault Group: “CareMakers”: Inclusive mobility solutions to facilitate access to employment in France

Renault Group's inclusive offers are listed on "": the new platform of the French Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration is to aggregate mobility aids

The inclusive mobility offers of “CareMakers” – the Renault Group’s sustainable development programme – are now among the mobility assistance schemes listed by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration on the French national web portal

Developed with Pôle emploi (French governmental agency), this new online platform provides personalized, reliable, and comparative information on local mobility aids to facilitate access to employment in a given territory.

To help people in financial difficulty secure the use or purchase of a car, in order to access or maintain employment, the CareMakers programme offers the following inclusive schemes:

  • To repair or maintain a vehicle:
    • An offer at cost price (parts and labor) in one of the 320 Dacia and Renault solidarity garages for vehicles of generalist European brands, with less than 200,000 km or less than 15 years old.
  • To buy a new vehicle:
    • A long-term rental offer with an option to buy, including a microcredit valid in 42 Dacia and Renault solidarity garages in France:
      • Dacia Spring accessible from 48€/month (example with the conversion prime and the ecological bonus for Greater Paris Metropolis inhabitants)
      • Dacia Sandero accessible from 32€/month (with the conversion bonus)
      • Renault Express Van available from 230€/month

Since 2012, with the support of the Dacia and Renault dealer networks, the Group has fostered a partnership through “Le Club Mobilité” (which brings together a microcredit agency named Adie, the Caisses d’Epargne network, Pôle emploi and Action Tank), to offer people who are ineligible for bank loans, leasing with an option to purchase a new vehicle. In 2021, 509 vehicles have been ordered and financed through this program in France. As part of its sustainable development strategy, the Group plans to increase the number of beneficiaries of this initiative tenfold by 2025, by mobilizing its sales network in France and in other countries.

Committing to employability and inclusion is a major focus of the Group’s sustainable development strategy and its Purpose. In France, 50% of unemployed people refuse a job due to lack of transportation. We are very pleased to continue our commitment alongside our partner Pôle emploi, to contribute to the integration of people in vulnerable situations, through our mobility solutions that provide access to vehicles thanks to microcredit for instance, said Cléa Martinet, VP Group Sustainability.

SOURCE: Renault Group

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