Pioneer releases new connected virtual driving partner NP1

Pioneer will launch its conversational driving partner NP1 which innovates the driving environment through "voice" and "communication" on March 2 in Japan. The Pioneer NP1 introduces the world to a new type of connected device powered by a driving personal voice AI.

In recent years, in-vehicle technology has advanced remarkably, significantly increasing the amount of valuable information available to the driver. However, accessing this information often requires the driver’s “eyes” and “hands”, simultaneously adding to the attention required to operate the vehicle and resulting in a source of stress while driving. As such, in an effort to reduce this burden and facilitate safe, secure, and comfortable driving, Pioneer has been developing Piomatix, a mobility AI platform that analyzes the status of driver and vehicle geolocation to provide predictive, right timed, conversational voice driving support and navigation guidance.

NP1 is the first product to adopt this newly developed mobility AI platform and can be operated entirely via voice. Utilizing an always on wireless network connection, NP1 provides lane-by-lane route guidance and information via voice always based on the latest map data and real-time environmental conditions. Through Pioneer’s partnership with Cerence Inc., NP1 features a natural conversational speech recognition engine combined with the Piomatix personalized voice AI to provide car-optimized voice communication.

Designed to be mounted easily and discretely on the vehicle windshield, the NP1 is optimized with a small, lightweight body, an integrated front/rear camera, microphone/speaker system, cloud based recorded video storage, and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality all controlled via voice.

Existing features can be updated and additional features may be added in the future over the air (OTA) updates to keep the device up-to-date and increasingly personalized as it learns the driving style and preferences of the user.

Pioneer’s NP1 is constantly evolving, staying one step ahead and providing a new personalized mobility experience.

SOURCE: Pioneer

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