Peugeot diesels on target to achieve RDE2 compliance nearly a year before deadline

Many of PEUGEOT’s most popular diesel cars already meet RDE2 (Real Driving Emissions) standards a year before the deadline

The latest generation of PEUGEOT diesel cars is on target to meet tough new emissions standards nearly a year before they come into effect, providing significant savings to company car drivers.

Vehicles including the all-new PEUGEOT 208 and all-new 2008 SUV are available with diesel engines that meet the latest RDE2 real-world driving emissions standards. Under European Union legislation, all new vehicles registered after January 2021 must meet the second phase of the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test.

Diesel cars that meet the RDE2 standards are currently exempt from a 4% surcharge to Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) company car tax rates which has been applied to all diesel models since 2018* and brings significant savings to company car owners and fleet operators.

David Peel, Managing Director, PEUGEOT UK, said: “Diesel vehicles continue to account for over a quarter of the new car market**, and are still relied upon by drivers and businesses thanks to their excellent efficiency and suitability for towing.

“At PEUGEOT, we are committed to engineering clean and efficient powertrains for all drivers – the fact that many of our diesel models already meet the forthcoming RDE2 standards speaks volumes about the advancement of engineering and development that goes into our engines.”

The Real Driving Emissions test is used to determine Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions under real-world driving – with vehicle emissions measured through a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS). Since September 2019, all new cars and vans sold in the UK have had to meet a maximum allowance of 168mg/km NOx emissions under RDE testing. However, from January 2021 onwards, the RDE2 standards mean new cars will only be allowed to emit up to 114.4mg/km NOx under real-world driving.

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