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New micromobility concepts for increased sustainability in urban traffic: BMW Group awards licenses to partner companies CUBE and SoFlow

Licenses officially awarded by the BMW Group to the partner companies CUBE and SoFlow at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich

BMW Group is providing fresh impetus with two innovative micromobility concepts for emission-free urban mobility, intelligently rethought for increased sustainability in urban traffic. These concepts are being implemented in collaboration with partner companies CUBE and SoFlow. Official communication of the licenses awarded by the BMW Group to the two partners will be made during Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) Mobility 2021, which takes place from 7th to 12th September in Munich.

The CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo inspired by BMW is a compact, three-wheeled cargo bike concept that combines high agility with flexible usage options and increased year-round suitability. It also boasts a variable-use loading platform with innovative attachments for transporting loads and/or children as well as for leisure activities.

The SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW features an ergonomic design suitable for everyday use, excellent riding stability and extremely compact size when packed up. It provides a new mixed-mobility option; the innovative ‘public transport mode’ makes it easy to incorporate travel on public transport into longer journeys. Ideal for park & ride, the minimal size when packed makes it ideal for carrying in the car boot.

In its role as a premium provider for individual mobility, BMW Group is actively helping to create the liveable city of the future. Its approach to mobility also looks beyond the company’s core business.  The BMW Group has presented a number of innovative micromobility solutions to the public in the past.

The CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo inspired by BMW: the ideal combination of cycling pleasure, agility and safety.

The CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo inspired by BMW is the first dynamic ‘pick-up’ cargo bike concept. The key component of the three-wheeled vehicle is the front main frame, which is connected to the rear section via a pivot axle and tilts in corners. It remains stable through all corners without tilting towards the road. This combines with the electrified powertrain – which is activated as soon as the rider starts to pedal and drives the two rear wheels – making the cargo bike just as easy to ride as a standard bicycle. As well as producing far greater riding stability in all weather conditions compared to two-wheeler designs, the rear wheels with their rigid, non-pivoting axle mounting also provide the basis for a versatile, pick-up-style transport platform. This can be fitted with a selection of innovative modular attachments for carrying luggage and/or children. The modular design principle paves the way for many more use cases, too. The non-pivoting design of the transport platform has the additional benefit that the rider is barely aware of any extra weight being carried, enabling safe, stable transportation of all loads.

Andreas Foti, CUBE CEO: “The mobility of the future is one of the key challenges of our time. The e-bike is one of just a few potential solutions to have established themselves. We want to be actively involved in designing and implementing new mobility solutions. Inspired by the idea from BMW, we have put all our know-how into the development of a cargo bike that is suitable for series production. We have created an ultra-compact, agile and safe trike that can be used and enjoyed by anyone. The electrical support enables flexible usage, even outside urban spaces, while the compact design is light and easy to manoeuvre. The flexible transport options also make it possible to transport almost anything.”

The SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW: flexible e-scooter for multimodal mobility.

With the SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW, the BMW Group is now presenting an e-scooter concept that folds easily for carrying on public transport and/or by car without compromising riding stability in any way.

In ‘public transport mode’, the footboard folds up at the sides and the rear wheel pivots into the resulting aperture from below. This mechanism shortens the wheelbase of the e-scooter substantially so that it can even be carried on an escalator without difficulty. This is an important requirement if the journey includes underground transport routes.

It can also be rolled along on both wheels in this mode, rather like a trolley case. And the front wheel’s integral hub motor provides an electric impulse that makes it easier to push the SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW up ramps in this mode. The compact dimensions of the e-scooter when folded up means that it should be possible to take it on all forms of public transport free of charge.

The SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW can be folded up to a size that fits easily into small vehicle boots, with larger boots able to accommodate several of them for family outings. In the BMW Group range, this means that the SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW fits into luggage compartments lengthways from the 3 Series upwards, for example, without any need to fold down the rear backrest, and it can be carried crossways in MINI boots.

With its unique product characteristics, the SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW is a versatile companion in the city and allows any journey to be completed quickly, safely and easily. Its transformability makes it a truly ideal solution for multimodal travel.

Manuel Hug, Co-founder and CEO of SoFlow AG: “The renewed collaboration with the BMW Group represents an outstanding chapter in the SoFlow success story, as we have already received the license to use the BMW ‘Personal Mover’ concept. Now we can bring our expertise to bear for the latest development in the area of micro e-mobility vehicles, the SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE inspired by BMW. We are looking forward to getting this innovative concept on the road soon.”

Jochen Karg, Head of Vehicle Concepts in the BMW Group’s New Technologies and China division “In its role as a premium provider for individual mobility, the BMW Group is actively helping to create the liveable city of the future. With regard to the steady increase in traffic density in city centres, concepts for micromobility vehicle can make a significant contribution to improving the interconnectedness of urban mobility. That is why we are deliberately looking beyond our company’s core business. The BMW Group has already presented innovative micromobility solutions to the public in the past, including the BMW Motorrad X2City, the Personal Mover Concept and the BMW Vision E³ Way elevated road concept. With the Concept Dynamic Cargo and the Concept CLEVER COMMUTE, our engineers are once again demonstrating their ability to transfer know-how from the automotive sector to concepts for micromobility vehicles. With regard to vehicles/concepts outside of our core business, awarding licenses to partners from the relevant industry to drive implementation has thus far proved to be most efficient and an attractive option for both parties. We are therefore delighted to have concluded contracts with CUBE and SoFlow.”

Both concepts will be presented in a functional state during IAA Mobility 2021, which is taking place at the company’s headquarters in Munich for the first time. Visitors will be able to see the CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo inspired by BMW being driven along the streetscape and it will also be presented at various BMW IAA locations:

– At the BMW Group ‘Summit’ stand at the Munich exhibition centre.
– In the heart of the city, in the BMW ‘Open Space’ at the Bavarian State Opera House, Max-Joseph-Platz.
– In and around BMW Welt.


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