Lancia at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show

Star of the event the Lancia Ypsilon, the brand’s “Fashion City Car” Debut of the new Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14: new paint colours, new interiors, new colour accents and plenty of customisations to reassert its young, glamorous and accessible placement Spotlight also trained on the Lancia Ypsilon ELLE show car which proposes paint colours, materials, … Continued

  • Star of the event the Lancia Ypsilon, the brand’s “Fashion City Car”
  • Debut of the new Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14: new paint colours, new interiors, new colour accents and plenty of customisations to reassert its young, glamorous and accessible placement
  • Spotlight also trained on the Lancia Ypsilon ELLE show car which proposes paint colours, materials, textiles and exclusive handcraft, today mainly applied on the catwalks.
  • At the stand the new merchandising collection created by Mopar® for the Ypsilon

Lancia has chosen Geneva as the stage for presenting the debut of the Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 collection. Available starting from March, the Elefantino will be available in three new body paint colours (Kaki Grey, Zaffiro Blue and Carrara Grey) combined with three exciting new colour accents – ‘Lime’, ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Coconut’.

The three new colour details accent the ‘Elefantino’ badge on the tailgate, the ‘Y’ badge on the hub caps and on the side pillar. Two finishes may be picked for the grille, the mirror fairings and the hub caps – glossy black or matt grey.

The new Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 comes with six customisation packs in tune with the latest fashion trends, two for each of the three colour accents. Special graphics are available on the side pillar and hub caps – ‘Camouflage’ for the Lime version, ‘Animalier’ for the Watermelon version and ‘Pois’ for the Coconut version – in addition to a second ‘Colour Touch’ customisation kit featuring mirror fairings and hub caps painted yellow for Lime, red for Watermelon and white for Coconut.

The striking all-new Urban Chic interiors feature new graphic fabrics embellished by stitching and Ypsilon logo matching the exterior colour accents, in addition to new glossy black or matt grey dashboard and door panel finishes.

Colour is more than an aesthetic statement for Ypsilon: it is an integral part of a product philosophy based on elegance, glamour, personality and plenty of customisation ideas.

With the Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 the choices and customisations of a product, which from the very start has always been very appreciated by young, dynamic motorists and which positively contributed to the brand’s 2013 results, have been expanded even further.

The three variants of the new Elefantino ’14 – ‘Lime’, ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Coconut’ – equipped with 69 HP 1.2 petrol engines will be showcased.

The first sports a new metallic Kaki Grey body with ‘Lime’ accents. On the outside, the ‘Y’ badge on the hub caps and on the side pillar is also “Lime” in addition to the Elefantino badge on the tailgate. The grill, hub caps and mirror fairings are matt grey instead. Inside, the car has new seats embellished by stitching, a ‘Lime’ Ypsilon logo and matt grey finish on dashboard and door panels.  Additional features include the ‘Camouflage’ customisation kit with Camouflage graphics on the side pillar and on the specific hub cap with ‘Lime’ details on the mats.

The second car is a Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 with a new Carrara Grey pastel paintwork, ‘Watermelon’ accents and glossy black grille, hub caps and mirror fairings. The car’s striking look is complemented by an ‘Animalier’ customisation pack with special graphics on side pillar and hub cap in addition to mats with ‘Watermelon’ accents.

The Elefantino range is completed by a new metallic Zaffiro Blue car with Coconut accents and matt grey details.

The Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 cars on display offer a wealth of equipment: climate control, ESC, radio with CD and MP3 player, Blue&Me system, leather trim for gear knob and steering wheel with radio controls, electric door mirrors and chrome tail pipe.

The Ypsilon ELLE show car will also strut its stuff on the Swiss catwalk. The car is a fine example of expert craftsmanship, the use of top quality materials exclusive for the world of fashion and unique, refined paintwork. No mere exercise in style, this is a preview of some of the features which will characterise the new Ypsilon ELLE special series, slated to be launched after the summer.

Sporting the ELLE logo on the wheel arch, the exclusive show car combines a sophisticated two-colour GLAM Cipria / Pearlescent Black livery with upholstery in top quality leather and Alcantara upholstery with Galuchat-effect (high-quality leather characterised by naturally pearly grain) matching the exterior paintwork. The example on display is equipped with the 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II turbo diesel and features automatic climate control, electric door mirrors, ESC, CD MP3 radio, Blue&Me system with steering wheel controls and leather trim for the steering wheel and gearbox.

The Geneva car show is a further opportunity to take a close look at the merchandising collection specifically designed for the Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino. The exclusive accessories made by Mopar®, the Group division for parts & service and customer care, will be on display in a dedicated area of the stand. Merchandising includes Italia Independent sunglasses – unique edition for Ypsilon Elefantino – and a selection of other excellently crafted products which fully express the concept of a unique, stylish lifestyle capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers by providing a one-of-a-kind brand experience.

Visitors to the show will be surrounded by a high-visual impact atmosphere and will be drawn into the seducing world of fashion, an area in which Lancia have recently reasserted its presence by opening the Lancia Fashion Apartment in Milan, home to Europe’s only fashion history library. Containing over 50 thousand volumes and publications, the Fashion Apartment library is a focus point for stylists, designers and young students worldwide.

With its Fashion City Car vocation, Lancia Ypsilon is certainly the perfect emissary of this new fashion home located smack in the centre of Milan because it is the ambassador of a target continuously focused on investigating new trends and moods. This attitude is well expressed at the car show by the evocative, fresh-named customisation packs designed for the Ypsilon – ‘Lime’, ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Coconut’.

Originality and customisation are consequently the themes chosen to express the exclusive elegance of Ypsilon. Visitors to the stand are invited to discover the model’s distinctive features on an interactive touchscreen to configure all the possible customisation combinations of the new Elefantino and selecting the accents with which to express their own personality in perfect tune with their own personal temperament.

The solid presence of Lancia in the world of fashion is confirmed by the presence of the new Lancia Ypsilon ELLE, a show car which anticipates the model’s forthcoming official debut in September. ELLE is the top expression of Lancia’s elegance and proof of the brand’s continuous search for new, contemporary, innovative shapes. High quality materials and handcrafted-style accents, today used in the world of fashion, turn this model into a truly iconic car sure to attract customers looking for an exclusively distinctive product.

With its new features, the Ypsilon is the perfect model to reconfirm a sound presence in contemporary design by harmoniously bridging the gap between the automotive world and that of style and elements, remaining abreast of new trends by means of always innovative communication ideas.  An example of this is, the international Lancia web magazine which for over four years has been selecting and promoting the experimental works of many creative artists. It is a sort of talent scouting laboratory dedicated to discovering new trends in fashion, design, lifestyle, photograph, art and architecture.

Finally, visitors will be introduced to the products of FGA Capital, a finance company specialising in the automotive sector, by supplying targeted advice and distributing illustrative materials. The finance company is operative in all the major European markets – in Switzerland with Fidis Finance – with a sole mission: supporting the sales of all Group brands by offering innovative financial products with high added value services targeted to the dealership network, private customers and companies.

Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14

Designed for a young, metropolitan clientele that pays attention to trends, the fashion city car is equipped to face the challenges of 2014 with an updated product range and a rationalised offer. As of today, four versions are available – the Elefantino ’14, Gold and Platinum trim levels, in addition to the MOMODESIGN special series – which can be equipped with five engine versions: the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II, the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II LPG, the 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir in combination with manual or robotised gearbox, the 95 HP 1.3 turbodiesel MultiJet II and the 80 HP 0.9 Turbo TwinAir Methane.

The biggest news is the new Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 and its three different styles – ‘Lime’, ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Coconut’ – which expand the customisation options again with an eye to the model’s young, glamorous and accessible placement. The new version is characterised by door handles in matching body colour, the ‘Lime’ yellow, ‘Watermelon’ red or ‘Coconut’ white ‘Elefantino’ badge on the tailgate and the ‘Y’ badge on the hub caps and on the side pillar in the same colour. The grille, mirror fairings and hub caps can be either glossy black or matt grey according to the preferred colour combination.

The new colour palette continues with the introduction of three new body colours: pastel Carrara Grey, metallic Kaki Grey and metallic Zaffiro Blue.

Personality and refinement are also to be found inside the new Ypsilon Elefantino ’14, where the brand-new Urban Chic  interior graphics and specific seats offered through a combination of grey, white and black stand out.  More in detail, the colour of the stitching and of the ‘Y’ logo on the seats match the exterior accents. The dashboard and door panel fascias too can be painted glossy black or matt grey depending on the choice of colour of the exterior details.

Furthermore, the new Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 has new less than six customisation packs in tune with the most recent fashion trends, two for each version. The ‘Camouflage’ pack (which includes ‘Lime’ ‘Y’ badge and ‘Camouflage’ animation on the side pillar and hub caps) and the ‘Lime Colour Touch’ pack (featuring ‘Lime’ yellow painted mirror fairings and hub caps) are available for the ‘Lime’ version, while the ‘Animalier’ (‘Watermelon’ red ‘Y’ logo and ‘Animalier’ animation on side pillar and hub cap) and the ‘Watermelon Colour Touch’ pack (with mirror fairing and hub cap painted red) are available for the ‘Watermelon’. Finally, the ‘Pois’ pack (white ‘Y’ badge and ‘Pois’ animation on the side pillar and hub caps) and the ‘Coconut Colour Touch’ pack (which includes white mirror fairings and hub caps) can be picked for ‘Coconut’.

A lucky charm, the elephant is an endearing symbol of loyalty and has been inextricably linked to the brand for many decades. In fact, in 1953 it was precisely Gianni Lancia, son of the company founder Vincenzo, who chose this animal as the badge of the emerging Lancia racing team engaged in competitive sports. This symbol reappeared from 1997 to 2003 on the new Lancia Y – in the various Blue, Red and Blues variants – with more than 320,000 units sold, 45% of the mix of total registrations of the model. The success of those models lies in their immediate proposal as accessible cars appreciated by young motorists.

The Elefantino brand made a comeback in 2013 on the new Lancia Ypsilon 5 doors with the same goal: to make a model known for its innovative look and unique personality appealing to the younger clientele. The Elefantino 2014 collection will be expanding its customisation options with an increasing focus on the choices of the very demanding customers even more.

In addition to the new Carrara Grey, Kaki Grey and Zaffiro Blue, customers can choose to ‘dress’ their Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14 in sophisticated hues of Neve White, Vulcano Black, Argilla Red, Turchese, Pietra Grey, Argento Grey or Aurora Purple.

The engine range includes a 69 HP 1.2 petrol, a 85 HP 0.9 Turbo TwinAir with manual or robotised gearbox, a 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet turbo diesel, a 69 HP 1.2 LPG bi-fuel and a 80 HP 0.9 Turbo TwinAir Methane bi-fuel. The latter in particular is the first methane-powered turbocharged ‘twin-cylinder’ on the market that ensures reduced CO2 (86 g/km) emission levels and low consumption (3.1 kg/100 km in the combined type-approval cycle) when running on methane.

Named ‘Best Green Engine of the Year 2013’, the power unit combines the innovation of MultiAir, turbo architecture, TwinAir downsizing and specific technology for methane fuel supply. TwinAir Turbo technology secures all the environmental advantages of methane without ever having to give up on driving satisfaction and power.

Compared to the petrol version, the ‘two-cylinder’ TwinAir bi-fuel features several fuel-specific components, including the intake manifold, injectors, electronic engine management system and low-wear material valve seats with special geometry. The perfect integration of all components and state-of-the-art technology – such as the MultiAir system and the turbocharger – guarantee maximum reliability and ensure that performance and handling remain the same also when running on methane.

The new Ypsilon ‘ELLE’ show car

Loyal to its eternally renovating fashion city car spirit, the new Lancia Ypsilon ELLE show car inspired by catwalk glamour will be debuting in Geneva.

The car is characterised by its top quality materials and unique paintwork, its finishes and its crafted accents. The result is a fusion of different materials with a modern and at the same time craftsmanship system which today is mainly used in the world of fashion.

Top expression of Lancia elegance, the show car is part of the collaboration launched in 2010 with ELLE, the focus point for women who want to know about fashion and new trends in advance. The first edition of the Ypsilon ELLE special series launched in 2010 was highly appreciated by European customers.

On the firm foundation of this success, Lancia is introducing a show car Ypsilon ELLE in Geneva which explores the new boundaries of fashion and style in the search for new metropolitan and contemporary forms and trends. As proof of this, the Ypsilon ELLE show car has an elegant two-colour body which combines a sophisticated three-layer glittering Black with Cipria GLAM – a three-layer metallescent base paint which is not yet in production – for the first time ever.

The same Cipria colour embellishes the 16″ alloy wheels, while a sophisticated treatment characterises both the ELLE logo on the car’s wheel arches and certain elements of the bodywork: from the mirror fairings to the ‘Y’ badge on the side post, from the grille to the door handles, and from the ‘Ypsilon’ signature on the tailgate to the fog light surrounds.

Strong personality is also found inside, as the special FRAU full grain leather upholstery in the shade of Cipria covering the dashboard, the band of the seats, the door panels and the edging of the mats demonstrates. In a flawless colour combination, full-grain Salomon natural FRAU leather – black with Cipria double stitching – elegantly covers the steering wheel, gear knob and instrument lid. A further exclusive touch is given by the exquisite workmanship of the seat cushions and backrests made using a hybrid ‘flock of pure virgin wool’ fabric with fine ‘Galuchat’ effect lamina (coming from the top-grade leather marked by a natural pearl grain). An innovative process that creates an unprecedented fabric full of special material gradients and points of light is required to achieve it.

The refined look is topped off with burnished rhodium-plating treatment for the frames and interior mouldings, ELLE lettering on the dashboard fascia, black Alcantara trim on the parcel shelf, Cipria microfibre roof panel, and black wool with shaded ‘Galuchat’ effect complete with ELLE lettering embroidered on the headrests.

“Fashion loves contamination,” commented the fashion editor-in-chief of ELLE Italia. “Mixing fabrics and prints coming from the world of luxury is indeed one of the fastest-rising trends of recent seasons, and they are never as before oriented toward following all the routes of pret-à-porter. The interior of the show car, embellished with ‘flock of wool’ fabric with exquisite ‘Galuchat’-effect lamina – coming from the fine leather distinguished by a natural pearl grain with which many luxury accessories are created and that was used for the first time in 1700 by a craftsman in the employ of Louis XV – are perfectly in line with the contamination trend. The hybridisations of materials that produce brand-new and superior fabrics are a constant on the catwalks, and we at ELLE like them a lot. That is because they are a new frontier of taste.”

At this point, it is clear that the team at the Lancia Style Centre has paid particular attention both to the use of fine materials and refined colour combinations of the Ypsilon ELLE show car.

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