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GEFCO wins new Jaguar Land Rover Ltd reusable packaging contract

GEFCO has won a new contract with Jaguar Land Rover Limited to provide a reusable packaging solution to support the company’s part production process. The new dealwill run for a number of yearsand spansUK and international markets.

Under the terms of the contract GEFCO will manage the supply of large Magnum Optimum containers – advanced packaging units developed with GEFCO inconjunction with a leading packaging manufacturer.

The development of the large containers will add to the existing pool of 6.4 million container units managed by GEFCO’s GefBoxSystem solution.

The solution will enable a number of environmental and operational efficiencies to be achieved.The reusable packaging will reduce the amount of cardboard used within the Jaguar Land Rover Limited supply chain. The increased stackability of the containers throughout the supply chain also allows GEFCO to reduce CO2 emissions and make economic savings on the reverse logistics.

The service provided by GEFCO also includes an International and UK based asset audit management team, who provide expertise and local support to all parts suppliers, as part of a comprehensive asset management service. The supply of reusable packaging is controlled by GEFCO’s unique NetBox3 system, which ensures real time visibility of packaging stock within supplier and JLR production plants.

Speaking about the contract, Philippe Doyer, GEFCO’s Director for Warehousing and Reusable Packaging, said: “We are delighted to be afforded this exciting opportunity to build on our relationship with Jaguar Land Rover Limited, and to achieve further growth and development of our GefBox solution, which is already used by 1,500 manufacturers across 22 international markets.”

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