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#DigitalFamily: Porsche gears up for the digital future

With SAFe, Porsche is accelerating the digital transformation and applying value-stream-oriented methods

With SAFe, Porsche is accelerating the digital transformation and applying value-stream-oriented methods.

Whether it’s the climate crisis, the changing world of work or global connectivity, digitalisation can turn the challenges of an increasingly volatile world into opportunities. It’s already helping Porsche become more sustainable and redefine modern luxury. Through the Porsche #DigitalFamily, the company is concentrating its digital capabilities and strengthening the future viability of Porsche AG.

“A strong #DigitalFamily is essential for the future of Porsche,” says Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Board Member for Finance and IT. “We need digitalisation – for our products, our customers and our employees.” For Porsche, he says, digitalisation is also essential for the new strategic positioning of the brand towards modern luxury. With technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company can process large volumes of data and gain new understanding from it. These insights, in turn, continuously flow into the further development and enhancement of digital products and services. The result is a holistic and exhilarating product experience.

The fast-growing Porsche #DigitalFamily

The Porsche #DigitalFamily started small, but has since grown to more than 2,500 members. It is active around the world and well beyond the boundaries of the company. Together with MHP and Porsche Digital, Porsche is also active in Palo Alto, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Zagreb and Berlin, among other locations – and closely connected with the most important innovation drivers in the digital sector.

As part of its digital transformation, Porsche is pursuing six concrete goals: greater speed, greater focus on value streams, transitioning to greater agility – coupled with customer-centricity, employer attractiveness and the highly data-driven development of digital products. To achieve all of this, Porsche is sharpening its focus on value streams and collaborating across departmental boundaries.

Rising importance of digital solutions

Agility has always played a central role at Porsche. The ability to adapt and change, as well as to develop innovative and intelligent solutions, has been the driving force behind the company’s steady growth and success for decades.

Now the sports car manufacturer wants to shift things into yet another gear. Digital solutions are increasingly important. At Porsche, this ranges from Connect Services and My Porsche down to digital sales. The goal is to develop exciting and exclusive digital solutions in and around the car, where it is key for hardware and software development to work in harmony.

SAFe to up the pace of the agile transformation

To further accelerate the digital transformation, the #DigitalFamily uses the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). SAFe empowers large organisations to achieve enterprise agility by extending lean and agile values and principles well beyond team or project levels.

With this in mind, the Porsche #DigitalFamily has established four principles of collaboration: a shared procedural model, a shared takt (the ‘Porsche Takt’), role-based decisions and a shared portfolio process with fully financed teams. In other words: the entire #DigitalFamily uses the same methods, principles, processes and roles in order to achieve the best-possible solutions for Porsche customers.

“Be bold! Embody the pioneering spirit that’s part of the Porsche DNA!” Lutz Meschke emphasised to the #DigitalFamily at a recent ‘family reunion’. The Porsche #DigitalFamily will continue to grow in the years to come – with its mission to bring the digital experience into the vehicle, and the Porsche experience into the digital era, always in mind. Porsche is therefore on the lookout for the best minds and motivated individuals with a burning desire to develop innovative digital products around its legendary sports cars.

SOURCE: Porsche

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