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Bosch plans takeover of LAWA Solutions

Start-up develops and markets cloud-based software platforms in the automotive industry

Bosch Service Solutions, a leading solution provider in the area of Business Process Outsourcing, is planning the takeover of start-up LAWA Solutions based in Giessen. LAWA Solutions GmbH, which was founded in 2009, specializes in cloud-based software products in the automotive industry. The company’s highly scalable solutions are used by automobile clubs, breakdown services, recovery companies and workshops, for example. “With the acquisition of LAWA Solutions, we are optimally expanding the product portfolio of Bosch Service Solutions in the area of networked products and services. LAWA Solutions has the necessary competence, experience and relevant technologies for successful cooperation”, says Henning von Boxberg, Head of Bosch Service Solutions. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the company with around ten associates. The transaction is subject to the approval of the antitrust authorities.

Smart and networked: how digital breakdown service works

Those who had a breakdown in the past often had to wait for hours and were badly informed during the waiting period. Those who have a breakdown today can use a smartphone to access digital services after calling the breakdown service and get more transparency about the status of the roadside assistance.

Bosch uses technology embedded in the vehicle as part of its service. When a driver reports a malfunction, he/she can send important data from the car simultaneously – such as location, vehicle type and error code. On this basis, the associated digital platform automatically connects to suitable breakdown service providers in the immediate vicinity. The orders are awarded to those partners who respond to the relevant request first and can send a service employee within minutes. At this point, the driver receives a notification on his/her smartphone and can track the arrival of the breakdown service digitally. “We ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background – the driver often doesn’t even know that Bosch is behind the service. This means that everyone benefits from the offer: the providers of roadside assistance can access the software, the networking with the vehicle and the service centers, and thus improve customer satisfaction. In our view, this is a clear competitive advantage”, explains Stefan Gross, Mobility Services Manager at Bosch Service Solutions. “The partnership is also a massive gain for LAWA Solutions’ customers. In addition to the expanded Bosch service portfolio, data transfer directly from the vehicle in particular opens up completely new potential and consistently advances the digital networking of our software platforms,” explains Thomas Lamprecht of LAWA Solutions.

LAWA Solutions digitalizes last process steps in the Bosch value chain

With the acquisition of LAWA Solutions, the last process steps in the value chain are digitalized. The start-up brings with it an independent, cloud-based end-to-end platform for recovery companies. From case acceptance to regulation: the necessary repair is digitally documented and can be invoiced to the breakdown service provider within a short time. A process that can normally take several weeks is therefore completed in just a few hours. The result: significantly more satisfied drivers, simpler processes and cost savings for roadside assistance providers. In addition, it simplifies and accelerates processing and provides more transparency for service technicians, insurance companies, automobile clubs, recovery companies and workshops. Combined with other services, such as the Concierge Service, the driver can also find a nearby hotel or rental car provider, for example, or bridge the time until the roadside assistant arrives with digital waiting time offers. This provides for all-round digital utilization of the service.


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