ACCESS Europe announces Radioline’s app integration within in-vehicle infotainment platform Twine4Car 3.0

Update to ACCESS Twine™ for Car 3.0 platform meets OEM entertainment requirements, while offering passengers with a wider and more diverse choice of audio content

ACCESS Europe GmbH announces that it has partnered with Radioline – the global radio provider – to provide a unique offering of radio and podcast for automotive OEMs within the new version of its In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) platform, ACCESS Twine™ for Car 3.0 (Twine4Car). The direct integration of the Radioline app into Twine4Car enables OEMs to unlock a vast amount of audio content for drivers and passengers worldwide within a single branded IVI system that is easy to use.

Radioline’s car application has been based on more than 15 years’ of expertise within integration for mobile, OTT and IoT and is compatible with Linux & Android for cars. It offers more than 90,000 radio channels, web radio stations, national and local programmes and podcasts from 130 countries, leveraging custom metadata to deliver a wealth of content information to passengers, including access to titles, description, cover and album names. The intuitive and customisable user interface adapts to the driver’s needs at that time, ranging from safety standards to entertainment offerings.

Dr. Neale Foster, CEO at ACCESS Europe, said: “We have chosen to partner with Radioline to gain access to its wide range of worldwide audio content. Through its advanced technology, this new application to Twine4Car utilises HTML5 to deliver a fully IP-driven experience that enables passengers to experience a wider choice of audio content in the car. We are delighted to integrate this audio technology within Twine4Car and to provide OEMs with new, highly interactive and innovative ways to better engage their users.”

Xavier Filliol, COO, Radioline, said:“ACCESS is a major player in the automotive industry. Our strategies to offer content that meets consumers high and continuously rising demand and expectations are aligned, making ACCESS our partner of choice. We’re looking forward to providing enhanced and seamless experiences to connected car users, where the radio remains the top choice for drivers and passengers.”

The new version of Twine4Car includes content from a number of media partners and a wide range of apps, TV services and VOD offerings for a multitude of markets. It enables OEMs to create a fully branded HMI, while also allowing access to pre-installed apps and full bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support for smartphones, tablets and Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) to enable a 360-degree connected in-car experience.

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