Automotive World Magazine – November 2022

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Automotive World Magazine – November 2022

Electric mobility comes in many shapes and forms, from luxury SUVs to heavy trucks and flying taxis. This month we take a closer look into some of the latest advances in the push towards cleaner tailpipe emissions. Nio’s founders share their approach to winning new EV customers, Nikola’s CEO explains the rationale behind its latest battery supplier acquisition, and two of the leading lights in solar-powered EVs weigh in on the segment’s growth prospects. We also dive into the Air Mobility Experience at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, where eVTOL’s offer a glimpse of transport possibilities in the third dimension.

In this issue:

  • Nio’s soft-sell to shake up Europe’s premium EV market
  • Solar EVs could provide freedom from the grid
  • The metaverse is just the start of in-car UX
  • West’s withdrawal from Russia opens opportunity for China
  • Is it possible to manufacture EVs both domestically AND affordably?
  • Nikola Motors: “We are in control of our battery destiny”
  • LiDAR sensors can help build AV market growth and trust
  • NAIAS legitimises air mobility’s place in automotive
  • The Citroën oli: a lab on wheels for sustainable mobility
  • How to turn EVs from grid threat to balancing opportunity
  • Predictive maintenance pivotal to electric fleet success
  • Snapshot on Rastatt: fluid handling in the EV age
  • Perception technology shapes the evolution of the cockpit
  • E-mobility puts pressure on project timing and cost KPIs

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