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Automotive World Magazine – March 2022

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – March 2022

The future may very well prove electric and nobody wants to miss out, least of all the industry incumbents. These giants have dominated the sector for the past century and are not about to hand it over to a bunch of newcomers. However, many of these newcomers have decided advantages with their clean-slate approach. This month, we take a deep dive into the race for EV leadership and those most likely to win it.

Meanwhile, others are scrambling to build a foothold in the emerging field of autonomous delivery. Plenty of smaller players are already active but when a leading autonomous driving specialist teams up with new mobility’s poster child, it bears watching. Uber and Motional have proven in the past that they are not afraid to break the mould and take chances.

March’s issue also includes a chat with the Chief Executive of Renault do Brasil, who is pioneering some innovative new mobility concepts tailored to meet Brazil’s unique needs. We also feature insight into how the next generation of EV batteries are shaping up and the potential liability risks associated with self-driving trucks.

In this issue:

  • How realistic are GM’s e-mobility leadership aims?
  • Liability rules threaten autonomous truck uptake
  • Uber and Motional: the perfect match for autonomous delivery?
  • Renault aims to Mobilize new mobility in Brazil
  • How is AI driving the future of micromobility?
  • Democratised technology has catalysed autonomous driving efforts
  • EV battery production has room for improvement
  • Could V2X connectivity be the solution smart motorways need?
  • New electric busmaker touts BEV and FCEV benefits
  • A common language and best practice key to AV development success
  • One year in: Biden, climate change, and the auto industry
  • Powertrain shift requires huge behind the scenes changes
  • AI is reshaping the logistics industry
  • Scaling connected services means unlocking vehicle data

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