EV newcomers begin to blossom

Be it new orders, increased deliveries or the first steps toward mass production, many start-ups are beginning to mature. By Freddie Holmes

Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer considered a gamble, and start-ups that once seemed high risk now look increasingly useful to investors and automakers alike.

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Firm deadlines are in place that will force manufacturers to ramp up the sales of zero emissions alternatives to diesel and gasoline powertrains. These are forcing commercial fleets to reconsider their procurement strategies, with many looking to become first-time buyers of electric cars, vans and trucks in 2021. New vehicles and technologies that have been developed by start-ups could make that transition easier.


Workhorse is no longer a newcomer to this space and is preparing for mass production. New orders have come in, and the indication is that more are on the way in 2021.

The electric van maker is targeting 1,800 units for next year, and currently has a sales backlog of 1,700 units from customers such as UPS and Pritchard Auto Company, a US retailer that recently placed a tender for 500 C-Series electric delivery vans. “We anticipate even…